Celtica Films Video

The Spirit of The Wolf (HD)


The Experiment

The experiment was to test out The Implant in Glasgow in a field enviroment after the operation to embed the implant in me in a mobile field theatre.

The Operation

The operation to embed The implant in my head

The Smouldering of the Celtic Legend

The implant and Nightshade in the brain destroy's the private mind and turns a free wolf into a prisoner until he gets The implant removed.

The Caging of the Wolf

The implant puts a free spirit into a cage.

The Proclamation

The NATO Government declaring that the prisoner (the wolf) had to be released from the cage and given the operation to remove the implant and survive the operation.

The Snowman

The American whistleblower released the smart phone app for The implant to the UK news media. The media then covered up The implant. The app was then released onto the public domain thereby making the prisoners mind public.

The Snowman and the Mountain

The attempt to climb the Mountain (Hospital) and get The implant removed. The prisoner also sheds tears (Tourettes Syndrome)

The Wise Men's Messenger

The message the Prisoner was to receive from the Security services from the UK, US and Ireland.

The Banshee

The message was that the Police Chief would try and stop the Prisoner to cover up The Implant.

The Devil

The Police Chief of Police Scotland

The Haunted House

A message from the Prisoners nieces that they were being haunted by the Police Chief trying to stop their uncle from getting the operation to remove The Implant. It is also what his house became when it was made public.


The Police Chief ordering his troops to try and torture The Prisoner by highlighting words in his music in his house.

The Devils Throne

The Police Chief in his police HQ throne.

The Sting Angel Eyes

The police and NHS setup in a mental hospital to frame a female patient to try and set The Prisoner up into being sent into the locked ward for however amount of time the NHS wanted the Prisoner to be locked up for.

The Caging of the Raven

The prisoner was re-sectioned to stop him from blowing a whistle and the attempt to keep him sectioned for as long as possible by the management at the mental hospital.

The Unveiling of the Boxer

The attempt to clear The Prisoners name and get the operation to remove The Implant.

The Dread Lord

The UK news media.

The Dread Horse

The UK news media death threats against The Prisoner.

The Castle

The Police Headquarters in the Prisoners place of birth (Scotland).

The Undead Angel Eyes

The undercover policewoman who was at the A&E hospital as a consultant who was to try and section The Prisoner the Chief also hoped and tried to make The Prisoner kill her. She kept going away to speak to her bosses in another room. The Prisoner also said she was too beautiful to kill and she also said The Prisoner was not a threat to her or anyone and released The Prisoner but without the CT scan.

The Damning of the Soul

The Chief thought The Prisoner would kill the undercover policewoman and thereby send his soul to hell.

The Monkees

Glasgow City and Dublin City who were trying to help The Prisoner get the operation to remove The Implant.

The Wolves of the North

The people of the UK and Ireland who were helping The Prisoner to get the operation to remove The Implant.

King Arthur, Guenivere and Merlin

King Arthur (UK Security services), Guenivere (The Prisoner) and Merlin (Cheltenham). The attempt to get the operation with the help of security and Cheltenham. The raven is the war and the skull is The Implant.

The Celtic High King

The Irish security services who were trying to help The Prisoner get the operation to remove The Implant and blow a whistle on it and the UK Government.

The Raven

The Prisoner who had to turn into The Raven again and who then had to turn into the Morrigan to wage a war to get The Implant out.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan the Celtic Goddess of War who The Prisoner had to become to keep on fighting to get the operation despite repeated attempts to get the operation that did not get beyond the A&E.


Karma (The Prisoner), the war The Prisoner had to wage against the Police and the NHS to try and get the operation to remove the implant.

The Unveiling of the Undead Horde

The Police Chief and the Special Constables who at the time were trying to prevent The Prisoner from getting the operation because they believed the smears from the news media and The Chief and The Prisoners Tourettes Syndrome.

The Followers of the Apocalypse

The Police Chiefs and special constables who were trying to stop The Prisoner.

The Unveiling of Rose

The female Special Constables

The Human Angel Eyes

The Osteopaths who the Prisoner was seeing to help fix his mind and body to get fit for the operation.

The Samurai

The Prisoners attempt to speak to Tokyo news media.

The Raven

The Prisoner getting ready to fly to Scandinavia to try and get the operation.

The Dream of Valhalla

The Dead Celtic Warrior (The Prisoner) being welcomed by the Gods of Valhalla (The Hospital) to try and get the operation to save his life.


The Norse Government who did not give the prisoner the operation.

The Trickster

The Norse Government gave the prisoner the CT scan but not the operation as they said the scan did not show up The Implant.

The Southern Demon

The UK Government who conspired with the Norse Government to prevent the prisoner getting the operation.

A Rose Posessed

The Female special constables posessed by the smears from the Chief who thought the prisoner was something he was not.

A Rose Reborn

The Female Special Constables after realising that the Prisoner was not a smear.

The Spirit of the North

The Prisoner back in Scotland and still fighting to get the operation.

The Way of the Mountain

Another attempt by the prisoner to find a way into a hospital to get the operation ( in the USA).


The Prisoner was still fighting to get the operation and clear his name while still public and with Tourettes.

Tisayac, The Guardian Spirit

The Guardian Spirit of the prisoner. A Native American spirit guide and also the woman of his birth place

The Way of the Warrior

The prisoner had to exercise to get fit to stay alive to get the operation.

The Path of the Warrior

The Guesthouse in Scandinavia where the prisoner stayed while trying to get the operation.

The Raven Guide

The female American security agent who guided the prisoner to the hospital after the Loki event and told him he would get the operation the next time.

The Ravens Quest

The attempt by the prisoner to get the operation and achieve a private dawn.

The Journey of Faith

The Journey of Faith is a journey to get the operation to remove The Implant in 3 seperate countries with the help of the citizens of those countries and the security services from 4 countries and Cities from two countries and two Football teams from one country.

The Leap of Faith

The leap of Faith is to be picked up by the wrong people and driven to the right hospital to get the operation.

The Mountain

The Mountain is where the hospital is located to get the operation to remove The Implant.


Paradise is the actual hospital to get the operation to remove The Implant.

The Great Spirit

The Nato Government who will authorise the operation.

The Wall

The Wall is the operation to remove the Implant and place a wall around the prisoners mind therby giving the prisoner a private mind and a fog of war if he needs one.

The Spirit of the Wolf

The Prisoner is no longer a prisoner but a free spirit again with a private mind that he has been trying to achieve for ages.