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What Happened In that Building

At about one o'clock in the morning the people in that building were trying to get me to fight an off duty policeman. I said what happens if I put a knife in them and they said they would then torture me to death. Within 2 minutes I then heard what sounded like a gunshot as I know they did not mean to say this.

I then said you better not have shot anybody. Someone outside came out of the pub and said "It was your friend" so I then I went down to my porch to see if the rest of the off duty policemen that were leaving the pub would let me know what had happened. When they came out some of them laughed and said "It was your friend", another said "That was live on television", while another said "It was your osteopath" then one said "It was a man".

I then responded via the implant and said "What, was it Stephen House" (the previous Police Chief) as I was told a while ago that he went into that building. Then another said "It was Stephen". My friend was a woman but the voice that they have played to me via the implant is not my friends voice but it was a female voice, so I went back in my home and went upstairs then an unmarked police car drove past with a voice synth saying "It was a man".

Five minutes later another unmarked police car drove past and said "It was your friend". twenty minutes later as I was writing this another car drove past and said "You will need that knife". Then another car drove past and said "You raped her". I have NEVER raped my friend.

The people in that building had better not have murdered my friend and the Police had then better not have tried to set me up. Later another car drove past and said "Your tourettes". The people in that building then using the implant started to increase the pressure in my brain. Not long after this GCHQ then started saying the same word over and over "Explanation".

I have no idea if my friend is down there as I do not recognise the voice and I do not have access to the website or any of the applications.

The implant was then used to also fry my brain to make me tired. Then implant voices said twice "we're going to murder you". They then started to torture me in the bum and my privates again in an attempt to make me explode.

I am trying to stay calm until I find out what has happened but it is impossible when you are being tortured as I believe that they are trying to make me explode in order to manipulate the time events and then upload to that website to try and justify something which it would not.

The people in that building and the police seem to be panicking about something.

Hannigan's Boast They Raped Woman

Hannigans workers and Family said they raped a woman at around 16:30 on the 24/06/2016. Robert Hannigans son claimed he raped a woman he had in their family home while someone who claimed he was Prince William looked on. They broadcast these claims over the speakers in my home which is bugged because of the implant in my head. When I looked out of my home I saw some dickhead in a kilt dancing, which is why across the road is turning themselves into pariahs and are shaming this city.

GCHQ have their family home bugged and are monitering them. If GCHQ's Director General and the staff at Chelteham sat and watched a woman being raped they cannot just be sacked but must be jailed. If that woman is further harmed then all involved must be charged with conspiracy laws.

They claim my friend is there but the voice they have used is not one I have ever recognised. Earlier I warned GCHQ to nuke their voice synth software and to give me their depraved website that their staff are building along with the Hannigan family and workers in order that I know who is down there as that voice synth makes it impossible to tell. Those workers and GCHQ claimed they raped my girlfriend overheard in a bugged home, I do not have a girlfriend as i have had an implant in my head for over 10 years but they had better not have harmed any of my female friends.

I was tortured in the privates when I woke up and while I was asleep with what is the manipulation of the part of the brain that gives you a direct stand up, which is whatever size you are you go straight up but not erect. They are claiming they will do this to me in a hospital to frame me as a rapist and a paedophile. They also torture me very painfully in the brain and the eyes.

If while I was being tortured anyone from the Hannigan family or workers raped an innocent woman then they must be jailed. Especially since GCHQ are watching them. If there is a woman there then Robert Hannigan the Ex or current Director General of GCHQ from 2014 until recently as well as GCHQ itself and the UK Government are responsible for her safety.

The top brass at GCHQ have to not just protect the people of the UK but uphold the laws of the UK. This includes anyone kidnapped and taken to the Hannigan home or whatever building they are based in since GCHQ know extacly where they are. The police can no longer stand by while these workers claim they are kidnapping and raping woman.

I also have to be given the operation to remove this implant as is quickly as is possible as the Government are refusing me medical treatment so I am stuck in toryglen until I go to a foreign nation to see if I can get it removed there, which will be soon unless this depraved broadcast stays just as sick and the Hannigan Family will never get this implant from me as I will not give this implant to what I believe are a bunch of rapists so they can sell it to the media after they remove it from my dead body as there is no theatre in that building.

When I come back I intend to find the Hannigan family home if the police or security have not already gone there. If the royal family or the Governmet are the reason that the police are refusing to storm that house then the police must ignore whatever strange priorities they have and actually follow the laws of the UK and storm that building to prevent any crimes from taking place. This includes the Police in Gloucestershire and Scotland as every single time I have phoned Police Scotland for what i thought were kidnappings, what the workers said was rapes and for when I thought i heard gunshots over my speakers they have refused to do their job.

The police are on their final warning from the whole of the UK but so are Government as well as GCHQ.

GCHQ and the Government know my family are innocent and they have been insulitng my sister and her children as well as torturing myself all over my body including in the privates. I am fed up telling the Hannigan family and the UK Government that I am innocent and that everybody knows that I am innocent and that I am being tortured for absolutly no reason.

I have been physically tortured since January 2015 to the shame of some of the institutions of this nation and the Hannigan Family cannot get away with all of these crimes neither can GCHQ. The lack of intelligence of some of those people in that building is astounding. They believed at one point that I was a God and also that most British citizens are rapists like they claim to be, despite my repeated attempts to let them know that the British people despise rapists.

They then claimed that they uploaded a scene of myself being raped, i have never been raped over my entire lifetime and this CGI frame and embarresessing setup has to end as no torture or rape victim should ever be shamed and can never be shamed except in the eyes of degenerate scum.