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Criminal Cover Up by the UK Police Forces Chief Constables

Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House

While waiting for the coach to Scotland in Letterkenny in Donegal on the 11/12/2013 on the whistleblowers way back from trying to explode in Ireland, a foreign national was also waiting for the coach. He started to speak to the whistleblower in code. No one speaks to the whistleblower directly because of the fact that the implant broadcasts the version of Tourette’s that the whistleblower developed which also describes what the whistleblower sees, the foreign national also kept on checking his phone and then started to say things.

The foreign national was saying things and showing the whistleblower pictures in an attempt to make the whistleblower smear himself. He was also threating to kill the whistleblower in a coincidental way. He also asked if the whistleblower had any cards while they were on the coach, which the whistleblower took as a reference to the Establishment’s game.

The British Establishment had promised to pay him to kill the whistleblower. The whistleblower knew this because the foreign national did not have much money to spend and the whistleblower knew that he was receiving instructions on his mobile phone.

West Midlands Chief Constable Chris Sims

On the coach the whistleblower was communicating with the Irish radio (RTE radio 2) via the implant to let them know his suspicions and they were agreeing with the whistleblower. There were only 6 passengers on the coach, at the port in Larne the port security took all the luggage off the bus, when your luggage is taken from the bus you have to get off for a customs check. Only the foreign national did not get off. It is also unusual for all of the luggage to be taken off the coach as they usually only take some of the luggage off the coach.

When the coach arrived at the port Cairnryan in Scotland, the police took the foreign national and the whistleblower off the coach to check their ID’s. The foreign national did not have any ID or luggage. The police then refused to allow him to continue to travel on the coach. The police also took details from the whistleblower about where the whistleblower was, the whistleblower’s passport details and which hotel the whistleblower had stayed in when the whistleblower was in Dublin on a written form, which the whistleblower had to fill in and sign.

A policewoman then spoke to the whistleblower in code (she said ‘that’s grand’) to let the whistleblower know that they were listening to the show and that they also had the same suspicions. The police saved the whistleblower’s life so that he could try to get this story out in Britain. The whistleblower has evidence from the police proving that he was stopped and searched at the port in Scotland.

The whistleblower has survived several assassination attempts by the UK Government, the UK Establishment Media and the NHS. The whistleblower then went to the police station at Aitkenhead road in Glasgow to try and report all of these crimes, death attempts and death threats since the whistleblower knew that the police had the smart phone app, and that they were therefore listening. Otherwise they would not have known about the foreign national on the coach back to Scotland.

West Yorkshire Chief Constable Mark Gilmore

The police refused to take the whistleblowers statement or help to save his life, which is a violation of Article 2 (Right to Life) of the UK Human Rights Act 1998 because their Chief Constable Stephen House was collaborating with the UK Government.

While the whistleblower was going to London on a train (on the 22/01/2014) in an attempt to get to a London civil lawyer and give them his evidence, the police chief (Stephen House) ordered one of his officers to go on the train in an attempt to psychologically torture the whistleblower, as the whistleblower was threating to report him to the procurator fiscal for not investigating these crimes since the whistleblowers life is under serious threat. On the whistleblowers way back to Scotland on the same day, the English police did the same thing. They were psychologically torturing the whistleblower in an attempt to force the whistleblower to cover-up what Stephen House was doing. The whistleblower knew this because they showed him things to let him know that it was Stephen House that they were defending.

While the whistleblower was watching the press preview show on Sky News on Thursday morning 30/01/2014, he picked up several death threats. One of them was from a newspaper article which contained ‘Rest In Peace’ and ‘War’, the camera then zoomed in on these headlines, the other was said by a columnist which was ‘Shot by the Met’ (meaning Metropolitan Police). The whistleblower then watched the BBC News 24 on the hour and picked up more threats which were ‘Killed by foreign nationals’ and they also showed a cruise missile being launched which was the media telling the whistleblower why they had issued the death threats. The reason was that the whistleblower had just been to the Procurator Fiscal to hand in his evidence to start an investigation against the Police Scotland Chief Constable and the whistleblower had always called this event launching his nuclear missile.

On the whistleblowers way back from an appointment with a physio at Govanhill Health Centre on the afternoon of the 30/01/2014 for damage to his knee, the whistleblower was complaining via the implant about the death threats from the media. A police riot van drove past the whistleblower and the whistleblower commented that maybe the police were angry about the media using them in a death threat against him.

Not long after another police riot van drove past the whistleblower and the officer touched his ear to let the whistleblower know that the police had heard the whistleblower say this and that the whistleblower was correct in this assumption. As the whistleblower was walking past the Police station there was also what he assumed was a plain clothes police officer outside of the station. He was holding a mobile phone in his hand and he looked at the whistleblower, as the police are also working under a protest. This is also how the people of Glasgow let the whistleblower know that they are watching out for him when he is outside of his home.

On the morning of the 4/04/2014 the BBC had issued a coded death threat against the whistleblowers family. They had showed a horse’s head, a letter being delivered and 3 pictures of children above a bed. This was the BBC threating to murder his nieces, one of whom is still a child.

The BBC know that the whistleblowers nieces are aware of the show as the whole world had heard his niece speaking in code to him, she had also commented on the Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House by using the statement “Haunted House”. This was the whistleblowers niece saying that she is being tortured by that police chief as all 3 of the whistleblower’s nieces are aware of the death threats that have been issued against them as well as well as the death threats to their uncle.

The West Midlands Police Forces Chief Constable Chris Sims was using coded numbers to offer money to murder the whistleblower and his family which was broadcast on the BBC in a coincidental news story.

The West Yorkshires Police Forces Chief Constable Mark Gilmore was also using coded numbers to issue death threats to the whistleblower which was broadcast on the UK Establishment news media.

Both Chris Sims and Mark Gilmore were also criminally conspiring with the UK Government and Establishment to cover up all of the crimes committed against the whistleblower.