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Why I have The Implant & Why I am Being Tortured & Framed

My home was bugged by the United Kingdom Government because of what happened in Maylasia during the 50's because of what my father witnesed there when he served in the army during that conflict. The Hannigans are smearing my father by saying my home was bugged for years because of crimes committed in my home which is not true as my father died in 1991 and my mother in 2002 both of natuaral causes and none of their children were abused. They are also claiming he was shot because of a crime in Malaysia, this is insideous bullshit that family are smearing me and my family both alive and dead because of a stupid grudge and because of what has happened in that building. They have to stop smearing my family including my father and mother espcially my 3 nieces.

Because my home was already bugged and I had attended a networking course that the military were also using I was chosen by the Blair Govenment to be used in an illegal human expeiment against my will in violation of the Declaration of Helsinki to test out the implant. It has been in me for 10 years now as the UK Government refused to allow the NHS to give me the operation to remove the implant. I was then used in another illegal human experiment in 2015 using the same implant to test out nightshade once again in violation of the Declaration of Helsinki.

I am now being tortured and framed because of the amount of whistles I blew between 2013 and 2015 after Snowdons leak which stunned the Government and the fact that when I get badly tortured I flip it and smear the Government. I am not allowing the Government to frame me as a paedophile or rapist which is what some of those polititians are guilty of, which the media have been forced to expose along with the alternative media and other whistleblowers in the police who were forced to cover up these sick crimes against vulnerble children.

The frame against me includes CGI videos which because of the advances in computing are somewhat realistic, the Government have scanned my entire body using footage from my bugged home and rendered it onto computer video CGI. Which can then be changed using CGI skins and textures into ragdoll character video animations which can be animated to any scene that they choose to manipulate it onto. See this documentary

This frame has been exposed for what it is, an attempt by the Government to torture me to death by framing me as a paedophile and a rapist because of the Dublin protest of 2015 in a touretetic pariah setup and thereby hope that no-one gives a shit and I get tortured to death.

The Government have attempted to frame me with crimes that they have been guilty of which is unbelievable. I have yet to find their website as I am filtered out of web searches by GCHQ. The polititians some of whom are members of The Westminster Paedophile Ring are attempting to pervert the course of justice by framing me with some crimes that they have committed and other crimes. I am completely INNOCENT apart from growing and smoking weed.

They are using the implant to communicate voices which are heard as the voice that sent it as well as what I call 'imprints' which is speech so low that when it is broadcast back out via the implant no one hears the voice that they used instead they hear my mind speech (it is like speech imprinted ont the brain itself), I also hear whispers which is speech somewhere between an imprint and a normal voice. These imprints even fool the people listening as I am hearing voices from multiple sources. They also use a voice and mimic synth which is uncanny. But I have not heard anyone I recognise. I would recognise my friends voice immediatly as she has a distintive voice but my niece I would struggle with as I only see some of them at christmas as they work and live away from home.

The crimes I am being framed with which I have already found out about are as follows with a link to the real suspected paedophiles.

Ammanda Duffy is one such victim who has no family relation to me and who I have NEVER met, Madeline McCann who was abducted in Portugal, I have never set foot on mainland Europe. Rebecca Wilson is my second cousin and was NEVER a victim. My 3 nieces who have NEVER been a victim up in Scotland. One Male who has NEVER been a victim and two female friends one of whom I do not know but who was downloaded into my living room in a CGI implant download (downloads I call ayahusca) and my friend who I have not seen in years and both of whom I have NEVER raped.

I have no idea who has been kidnapped and taken down to that building as I do not have the satelitte broadcast or the website or any smart phone applications.

The families of the above have to be given apoligies by The Government and by the Prime Minister David Cameron and compensation as some of them are real victims which devasted their families and the others are victims of that Government website.

Frame CGI Capabilities Video Link

This frame has to end and so does the torture as I need the operation to remove the implant.

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