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GCHQ Broadcast May have Got Innocent Woman Murdered

Hannigans workers and Family said they murdered one of my female friends after a sick GCHQ internet broadcast. This was after I was tortured in the privates for over 5 hours non stop by those depraved Government torturers. A broadcast that came over my computer smearing me and my friends then resulted in those workers saying they would kill my friend as we were pariahs. I said that was a GCHQ broadcast but they still said they killed her and then said they did not kill her, I do not know if they have murdered her as I do not believe she is down there but these types of broadcast are now so depraved that I have to threaten them back in a way which I hope can prevent this from happening as I cannot get the police anywhere near that building.

Another Pathetic CGI Frame From That Building and GCHQ

Because I live in a bugged house every part of me has been scanned by those maniacs in that building. I washed my feet and was told they had another video with the hard skin on my toe. I have had this for years and those maniacs know this. They are insulting me and whoever they claim is my victim but is in actual fact their victim as they are still determined to frame me with what everybody knows is CGI but they thought that the hard skin on my toes would make it stick. Rubbish, all they do all day long is sit and stare at me or analise photos which they give to GCHQ to turn into CGI videos. I now believe that it is not the media that make these CGI videos but GCHQ. Their current boss has developed a pathological grudge against an innocent stoner because he does not have the intelligence to frame me, so along with that building he joins in when they torture me psychologically over the speakers. His lack of intelligence means I suspect he was not promoted within the ranks of GCHQ but from outside but I could be wrong on this. GCHQ are still panicking because instead of helping an innocent British citizen they are trying to destroy him and in the process have completely destroyed GCHQ's reputation as a security service in front of the whole world along with the occupants of that building.

This insult to law and order has to end as the real security services in Britain and America are stunned at what has happened to GCHQ as they are supposed to help me get this implant out but instead are actively trying to get justification to torture me to death. They have stunned my whole family not just by what they are doing to me but by expanding their sick grudge along to my sister and her children and my dead parents to the absolute degenerate shame of that organisation along with that UK parliament and that building.

The real workers of GCHQ and the other managers must be stunned at what they are being ordered to do to myself and my family and friends and what has happened to their organisation under the current boss.