Hannigans Frame


Flame For Freedom

This is a video I compiled from a downloaded video from an anti-torture human rights groups website which I then added music to. Hannigan has also made a version on his website which he has manipulated with smears trying to claim that that anti-torture group was smearing me as a rapist with my osteopath, which is an absolute insult to that anti-torture organisation as well as my osteopath.

GCHQ, UK Government and the Hannigan Family Torture Victim in Privates

The Hannigan family (Robert Hannigan and his son) along with other workers tortured me (JohnDuffy) in the privates for over half an hour so far in order to try and frame me as a rapist and a paedophile. This will never happen. They framed me in front of the whole world as a fucking beast while they tortured an innocent human being in the privates. GCHQ were also insulting my nieces while their sick workers tortured their uncle in the privates. GCHQ know for an absolute fact that I have NOT raped my niece and that she is still alive and is with her boyfriend. They have voice synthed me talking to my family on the phone with my family smearing me and saying my niece is not alive which is not true.

GCHQ have to stop using that voice synth even if they have to send a virus to their workers computers so that this embarressing vendetta that GCHQ have against my sister and my nieces and myself is finnally over.

The children of Hannigan must stop insulting my family publicly as if they do not they are going to barlinnie for defamation including the director general at GCHQ as I will not allow them to insult my family any longer. This implant is NOT going to Bristol while it is in my head and I will only go to Bristol armed with a knife even though every single policeman has heard me say and write this.

The satanists at GCHQ and the Hannigan family have to stop insulting my family and my friends families while they torture me in the dick and my bum while they frame me as a fucking beast. This frame has been exposed for the lie it is in front of the whole planet. Everybody now knows that I am not a fucking beast.

I will sue GCHQ to get the original videos that prove catagoricly that I am not a beast and GCHQ and the older members of the Hannigan family have to stop lying to their children who they are using to insult my family. Then smear me and torture me for expolding with their children who should NOT be using a torture machine.

GCHQ know that I am completely INNOCENT and that sick director general MUST now RESIGN. He is no longer smearing me or my family considering what they have already put my family through. The top brass at GCHQ had better waken up to the lies of the Hannigans.

Hannigans Frame

The Hannigans are smearing John Duffy as everything they can think of in order to justify torturing him to death. They are trying to frame him as a rapist, a paedophile and a murderer which considering he has been public for 10 years is as stupid as it is sick. They are claiming that John Duffy and David Mulcahy (both born 1959) the two English rapists and serial killers who together attacked numerous women at railway stations in the south of England through the 1980s, known as the Railway Rapists and the Railway Killers are his relatives they also tried to claim that John Duffy the torture victim born in 1971 was that railway killer who was born in the 50's.

Setup From Hannigan & UK Government

The Hannigans said that my friend is down in that building but I do not recognise her voice when they play it into the implant and it sounds like Robert putting on a female voice they also have that voice synth. Below is what one of those people from that building freaked out about when I watched the documentary Hannahs Anecdote. I believe they have manipulated that video and said that Hannah was instead my friend, the person on this video is not my friend but is an english woman recovering from having brain tumour treatment on a you tube video documentary, and uploaded it to that website, as I also heard them say several words from that documentary. I need to know if this is true as those pathological liars cannot be trusted and for some reason neither can the fucking police.

Hannah before brain tumour

Hannah recovering from brain tumour treatment

The Hannigans sick setup cannot continue and my family and my friend as well as myself need help we also need people to be truthful as those sick bastards are still trying to frame me as a fucking rapist and a fucking paedophile including with my friend and my nieces. My family have already unsmeared me but I cannot see my friend while I am public as Hannigan is for some reason interested in the two of us as well as anyone that smiles at me and I have been public for two years because of Snowdon's leak and ten years because Blair put that implant in me.

I also MUST know if the monarchy are involved in these setups to frame me as I cannot understand why I cannot get the police down into that fucking building while I struggle to get this stupid implant out even although we now have a new police chief.

GCHQ are also untrustworthy at this moment as they keep saying my niece is in that building which I know is not true and that mimic voice synth is now getting used to the absurd levels against an innocent stoner and not the worlds number one terrorist which is what those people in that building have become.

Those satanists in that building have to waken up and stop torturing me physically and psychologically as this implant is going to Dublin and not to Bristol as there is no THEATRE in that fucking building and I DO NOT know which building they are in as they will not tell me and the government are still denying me the implant removal operation in this nation and I am not stripping naked in a fucking hospital in violation of the Human Rights Act for a bunch of fucking perverts so they can upload it to that fucking website and then try to frame me as a fucking rapist or a fucking paedophile especially since the police and security will not arrest me and do this since they know that I am FUCKING INNOCENT.

This nation has to waken up as to what my family, my friends and myself are being put through as we NEED HELP. I trust two hospitals in Ireland the NHS one and the military one and I have no idea if the Irish Government will allow me into the military one, I hope they will if I get a knockback from the NHS hospital. I trust the police and Irish Security as well as the Irish Army and hope they give me the help that I need in my parents nation since the fucking British Government are not helping me and are activley trying to torture me to death publicly which is why they started that fucking frame to cover up what they have done to me and my family and friends.

The police and the UK Government had better hope to God that I do get that fucking implant out in Ireland as I am NOT putting up with being tortured any longer but I have to wait for my sick benefits to travel to Ireland and I do not have to remind the police that I do have the right of self-defence since the fucking police are now drivng past my home with that fucking voice synth and trying to frame me for those people in that building and the Government have now issued a veiled threat to my home city (see screenshots below).

I have already made an application to the European Court of Human Rights for the UK Government and put in a letter of complaint to the Lord Advocate for the police and an application to the securty commissioner for GCHQ.

Since the police are still threatening to murder me which everybody can hear, I definetly have the right to defend myself against them since I have now GIVEN UP trying to make PEACE with the police.

UK Government threat to my home as well as targeted smear and threatening adverts against my family.

Ad with threat

Ad containing smear attempt

The UK Government had better wake up to the fact that I am not a fucking terrorist but an innocent Scottish stoner who needs medical marijuana for a fucking brain tumour and medical treatment to remove that implant and the tumour. I also need to know if it is benign or malignant.


UK Government Try to Force False Confession Out of Disabled Torture Victim

The UK Government and the Hannigans have to stop torturing John Duffy in Order to force a false confession out of an innocent disabled person. GCHQ have to stop working with the Hannigans website as that depraved website is an insult to the UK and start cleaning up that website and end this pathetic frame on John Duffy who is disabled with tourettes syndrome of the mind. The only things that are real on that hannigan website is the footage of him taking an actual bag of sugar that he got from his sister into his home which they are claiming is drugs, the footage of a medicinal ganja plant is also the only other true footage.

This pathetic attempt by the trainees of GCHQ that Hannigan has hired is so courrupt and insideous that the Hannigans can never recover their reputation as security workers and GCHQ have to get rid of them. They have also smeared John Duffy with downloaded gay porn which they have then uploaded to their website along with other CGI videos and voice synth audio in an attempt to justify not just 11 months of torture but their insane plan to torture John Duffy to death from their home in Bristol and GCHQ's main building.

They also have his school records up on this website and his medical records which they have manipulated to say he has only got one testicle which is not true as he has still got and intends to keep both of his balls. All of these are a violation of the official secrets act. This barberous attempt to destroy a disabled person that they have tortured for so long and so badly has destroyed the Hannigans. GCHQ have now got to take action to fix their reputation which has been damnned by those trainees and their illegal broadcast which has shamed this nation.

GCHQ have attempted to frame John Duffy as a paedophile and have said that he has a criminal record which is not true, he has never been in prison and is not on bail as the scanned document on the home page proves. He was arrested once because the police thought he had a weapon, but this was not true, he appeared in the sherriff's court and was found NOT GUILTY, the Sheriffs court is for small crimes, he has never been in the High Court.

The Hannigans have continued to try and frame John Duffy as a peodphile and a rapist on that website with the full collaberation of the UK Government while they have tortured him for 13 months all over his body including in the privates and in his brain. They have also smeared him as being on the sex register which is not true.

They have used video footage from his room with John responding to Roberts son saying that he was on the sex register. John said 'You better not have said i'm on the sex register' and they manipulated the footage by leaving out the start of the sentance and uploading to their website manipulated footage saying 'I'm on the sex register'. They have also done the same manipulated frame attempt with John saying 'GCHQ had better not download child porn onto my computer' after they had said that they would get GCHQ to do this.

The Government used him in an illegal experiment to test out this sick implant and have smeared him insideously in a barbaric attempt to justify 1 and a half years of the most insideous form of torture using the sickest Government implant ever and to torture him to death in violation of the Human Rights Act 1998, while some Government workers rape and murder woman.

They are also still trying to claim that he is a prisoner in his home which is not true as he is a political prisoner since he has broke no laws apart from the cannabis growing laws and it is the UK Government that is trying to keep him prisoner by denying him medical treatment to remove the implant and to torture him to death.

The Government of David Cameron have issued these orders to cover up not just what has happened to John Duffy since they have used him in an illegal human experiment but also what has happened in the building that houses the torture machines that are linked to the medical implant. With the police being forced to stand by and do nothing while all these laws of the United Kingdom have been violated.


Another Setup From Hannigan

I fell asleep at around about 10pm and then just over 2 and a half hours later I was woken up using nightshade by Hannigans workers. They told me to go to the window, since I was half asleep I did not do what they told me. I then heard one of my pals names being mentioned. I then went to the window. The Police Chief had organised a setup with Hannigan, there was a large SUV parked across the road next to the pub with special constables around it.

Two special constables that I recognise were already walking up the road. The car did not belong to either my pal or my osteopath. The workers that Hannigan had hired to torture me then claimed that that was my pal and she was at risk. None of my pals would try and pick me up while I am sound asleep. They also claimed that they would upload either a video or a picture of that scene in an attempt to smear me. How could Hannigan know that something was going on outside of my window over at the pub unless they were involved in the setup.

Hannigan has to end all of these embarresing setups to try and murder me since I am totally innocent of all the pathetic smears he has tried to frame me with. This is the umpteenth time that they have claimed that my pals have been taken or killed.

This attempt to frame and torture to death an innocent disabled man has to stop as it is becoming beyond a joke. Hannigans website is how they are setting me up, this website which I am not allowed to see and cannot find on my own is Hannigans attempt to frame me and proves that they are obsessed with me. This website is filled with fake videos, smears and plaigarised setups from hollywood movies most of which I have already deconstructed despite not having access to it.

They are smearing me as a rapist and a peodophile and a murderer which considering that I have been public for two years via Edward Snowdons smart phone application is utterly sickening, they have even smeared me as a rapist with my nieces. This is complete insanity from what is supposed to be a security service but under Hannigan has become a stalking and torture service. They smear me as a rapist and a peopdophile every single day sometimes for over an hour as they know that people are listening to this sick and disgusting broadcast which has damned this nation in front of the whole planet.

Both security and GCHQ clickers had also told me that this was another setup from the mind of Hannigan. The rest of the workers and managers from GCHQ had better start to ignore that DG and start working for the people of Britain again and not that warped delusional mind of Hannigan who wants to torture me to death for no reason.

I have been setup every single day by the workers that Hannigan has hired for 7 months while they fry my brain with the implant so that my cognative thinking is dulled in an attempt to make me fall for whatever setup they have planned. It is now getting to the absurd level with their desperation to get the justification to torture me to death as well as to justify 9 months of physical and mental torture.

They also use nightshade to block my ears so that I have difficulty hearing. I have no idea why Hanngan is trying to murder me other than a coverup of what has been happening over the past 9 month including what happened in Dublin as well as a sick broadcast from about 4 month ago.

Hannigan was also up as I could hear him talk using the implant as well as the workers that he has hired, Hannigans son is also one of those hired workers who are torturing me and trying to set up not just myself but two of my female pals. Those workers that Hannigan has hired talk every single day and all day long while they torture me all over my body using the implant including in the privates, my eyes, my brain and my ears.

My eyesight has gotten worse over the past several month with the amount of time that they put pain into my eyes using the implant, I have also had to get glasses from an optician as well as a card from them that declares what my eyesight was like at the time of the eye test since they also claim that they will make me blind using the implant.

While I was writing this they were torturing me in my balls while saying that I am dead while my family watch on the public broadcast helpless with the rest of Britain watching to the absolute shame of this nation. How can myself, my family and my pals and their families be under such intollerable pressure from our own countries security service (GCHQ) under Hannigan without getting help from the Government or the police in England where Hannigan has based those workers or the police in my own country (Scotland).

I used to trust GCHQ under the previous Director General who resigned in the winter of 2014 and was then replaced by Robert Hannigan.

This madness has to end with me getting the operation without being tortured to death for absolutly no reason whatsoever or being made blind in one or both eyes which they have also said they would do either in my home or in the hospital.

The Hurricane Setup