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Letter For Crown Office

John Duffy
363 Curtis Ave, Glasgow
Scotland, G44 4NB
Mobile: 07340991169
Date: 10/06/2016

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

To Procurator Fiscal
From January 2015 ongoing I have been physically tortured by the United Kingdom Government and GCHQ. They have been using a medical implant that is embedded in the back of my brain (in February 2006) to manipulate the parts of the brain that control the muscle system to inflict serious pain to any part of the body including in the privates. This implant can also affect the organs including the heart which it can race. It also affects the eyes, my eyesight is getting worse because of the amount of times that I get tortured in the eyes.

The implant can also be overloaded with sound waves to fry the brain with increasing levels of sound waves that has the effect of not just putting severe pain into the brain but also affecting the cognitive parts of the brain which makes it difficult to think. It can also be used to manipulate the temperature parts of the brain which can inflict heat or cold to any body part.
The Government and GCHQ have built a website which contains sex frame CGI videos of me with other people. I have never raped anyone. I have been public for 10 years because of the implant and police Scotland have been listening for 2 and a half years since Edward Snowdon’s (the NSA whistle-blower) leak and I am completely innocent. The security services have been listening and watching me for 10 years including GCHQ.

The Government and GCHQ have gotten Police Scotland involved in this frame. I have phoned the police constantly to get them to do their job and investigate GCHQ. My home has been bugged by the UK Government which the police have access to. They have been in my home several times but have ignored every single attempt to get them involved to investigate the workers of the UK Government and GCHQ.

The police know my life is in serious and immediate danger and by not investigating the complaints I have made they ┬áhave violated the United Kingdom’s Human Rights Act in particular Article 2: the Right to Life, Article 3: The Prohibition of Torture and Article 5: Right To Liberty and Security.

The Police Chief Philip Gormley has to be forced to do his job and protect the citizens of Scotland, by not allowing the police to investigate the allegations that I made against the UK Government and GCHQ he has to be investigated by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service as he has violated the terms of his job.

The United Kingdom has fallen into a cesspit because of what my family and myself have been put through. I will not put up with being tortured much longer with the police refusing to do their job.

This medical implant that is in me is so sickening that I cannot believe that anyone would collaborate with the UK Government or GCHQ. I am stunned at the actions of the police in Glasgow and am prepared to do whatever is necessary to defend my life.

I will not tolerate any sort of frame against myself especially of sexual assault and will take to court anyone who collaborates with this or any other measures that I deem necessary to defend myself in my own nation.
The United Kingdom Government are also trying to get the NHS to strip me naked in a hospital and measure my privates which is paramount to sexual assault. I have been public in my own home for too long and I have been tortured for too long. They have also been threatening to burn off one of my balls with this medical implant which is as barbaric as it is stupid and are threatening to torture me to death either in my home or in a hospital which is a violation of Part 3 Article 1 of the 13th Protocol: Abolition of the Death Sentence of the UK’s Human Rights Act 1998.
I will defend myself with the ultimate force if necessary against anyone who tries to frame me since I know what this medical implant can do and I am completely innocent of any crimes apart from the fact that I used to grow my own marijuana and smoke it.

I am now demanding that the COPF service must investigate and discipline the Chief Constable of Scotland. My family are also at risk because of the actions of police Scotland as well as myself since we are public on that GCHQ website.

The COPF service must interview me about these allegations immediately as I will not tolerate any more bullshit from the police or GCHQ or the UK Government. Because of the threat from GCHQ and the Police I have the right of self-defence I do not advise the Crown Office to collaborate with GCHQ or the Government as I know that the UK Government will try and intervene to get you to stop this investigation.

I have also went to the European Court of Human Rights about the UK Governments violations.
I have included with this statement a DVD containing evidence of UK Government torture from Dublin in January 2015.
Yours Sincerely,

John Duffy

All the Evidence that I have aquired about what was done to me will be uploaded within one week