Leverndale Chemtrails

Government Chemtrail Attack On Leverndale

The UK Goverment on the 14th and 15th of August launched a chemtrail attack on a hospital in Glasgow. Only the UK Government know whatever reasons they had on Chemtrailing a hospital where patients were convalessing.

The Government have to explain the reasons behind this attack and they also have to release John Duffy from this hospital where they have him sectioned.

Did the UK Government on the day before threaten to nuke Leverndale with Chemtrails?

The Government have to allow John to be released from Leverndale and to receive the operation to remove the implant and survive the operation.

UK Government Airplanes Spraying Chemtrails

The Build Up

Another Plane

Chemtrails Spreading Out

Chemtrails Spreading Out

Criss-crossing chemtrails

Chemtrail Attack

Chemtrails Sky Over Leverndale

Another UK Plane

More Sprayed Skies

Another UK Plane

Chemtrails Fill Sky

All Over Leverndale Complex

Chemtrails Fill the Skies

Dawn Over Leverndale

Wheres The blue Sky

Chemtrails Fill the Skies

The Sun Blocked Out By Chemtrails

Chemtrails Fill the Skies

Chemtrail Message From the Day Before ?








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