Activism For a System of Elders

From Dictatorship To Democracy (PDF)

United We Strike, United We Win!

Mission Statement The goal is to inspire Unity and Peaceful Non-Compliance, using our far greater numbers to resist tyranny by refusing immoral orders, in order to co-create a better world of independent accountable individuals; fully capable of making their own decisions and living lives of Peace, Prosperity, and Abundance.

To enact a system of Elders instead of corrupt Politicians without the skill base to carry out their duties in looking after our nation...
Teachers in charge of Education, Nurses or Doctors in charge of Health, Soldiers or Generals in charge of Defense, Jobcentre staff in charge of Work and Pensions, Financial staff in charge of Treasury, etc.
People with the experiance and skills to do the work that is needed to fix our broken nations.

True Human Rights: Self Ownership, Voluntary Cooperation, Non-Aggression, Honorable Defense and Moral Stewardship! WE are the instruments through which Miracles flow.......or not.....

How many of US will die today so psychopaths can have their way? Instead of simply understand, "they" are the hammer "WE" are the hand..... How Strikes Work

1) First the Workers (WE the PEOPLE) must list grievances, state demands, and call for negotiations.

2) Then the workers set a timetable for negotiations

3) If government/management fail to respond, then a meeting of the Workers is called,in order to vote on whether or a not a cessation of work is necessary in order to negotiate.

4) Here is where Striker's have traditionally organized marches and picket lines, and employees are given the option to participate or not. NOT what UWS recommends! Leaving Your home and YOUR Family vulnerable is unacceptable. THIS is when Violence can happen, HOWEVER THE VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS, ALL WAYS SANCTIONED BY GOVERNMENT WHO'VE TRAINED US TO GO AGAINST OUR OWN BEST INTERESTS! Whether through provocateurs, Pinkerton's, National Guard, Police, or Military; THOSE IN UNIFORM are brainwashed into subduing their own, obeying orders that cause harm.

5) Eventually, through this process, agreements are made, however the government backs profit, forgetting their own origins, since governments were set up "BY and FOR the PEOPLE". "WE the PEOPLE" are trapped through paperwork in this "LEGAL" yet "UNLAWFUL" economic conquest.

United We Strike Proposes

Imagine what could happen if we formed teams in our local areas, who took action at the same time, all across the countries, in sheriff's stations, police stations, courthouses, city councils, jails, schools, etc..... and held our officials accountable! Our worth is not outside of ourselves, look within! Profit above PEOPLE is immoral! The 15th of every month WE utilize OUR far greater numbers to DROP the PROFIT of the to big to fails....NOTHING IS TOO BIG TO FAIL. Prepare ahead of time and stock up, and be ready for emergencies. If you must work, take your lunch and refuse to purchase ANYTHING from large multi national corporations. We know where the local threats are, we simply need cooperation and unity through a show of strength. United WE WIN!

When ENOUGH of US participate, WE WILL EXTEND the STRIKE for AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO BRING THEM TO THE TABLE! Profit over PEOPLE will NOT stand! Shop at local stores, support each other and barter as you pull more and more of yourself out of the corporate system. Call the corporate stores you're boycotting, & let them know that as long as they continue to put profit above PEOPLE, you will continue to shop elsewhere. Leave only what you need to pay monthly bills in the big corporate banks, look for local credit unions, and know your money & assets are NOT safe if they are not in YOUR HANDS. Prepare for the worst, yet hold the Light and help all you can! What if MILLIONS of US Refused to work until:

1) ALL FRAUDULENT DEBT IS CANCELLED. We return to a VALUE based currency, not a fractional reserve fiat or central banking system. No more personhood for corporations, no more unlawful immoral systems where profit is valued over people. No more privately owned multinational corporations; all are downsized, handed over the People, now in the business of reversing the damage they've caused. We wipe the slate and start over.

2) END THESE ILLEGAL, IMMORAL WARS OF OCCUPATION NOW! Send ALL TROOPS home to help rebuild their countries and hold those accountable who've orchestrated this global destruction. All military must be given the attention and medical care that they have earned through their sacrifice, and not be limited by pharmaceutical companies to the current sad standards. ALL healthy cures and alternative holistic methods must be open to EVERYONE!

3) The Military Industrial Complex must be revised and turned into an organization of Peace. Hidden technology and free energy must be disclosed and shared with the People for the purposes of healing and rebuilding.



Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy Food, Self Sufficient Communities and LOVE are all we really need. Natural Rights, Natural Law and Common Sense ARE WITHIN!

EVERY 15th:

1) DON'T BUY - ANYTHING You don't research for yourself, reject multinational globalist retailers. Work within your community, bartering and cooperating while we get through this in order to begin our true jobs: Good Stewardship of OUR Families and World.


3) ASK WHY? WHY are WE here, and am I part of the problem or Solution?


With the aim towards a Resource Based Economy not a Monetary Based Economy.

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