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Government Neurological Implant

The neurological implant is located in the occipital lobe of the brain. This is the visual part of the brain. The implant is embedded into the cortex by surgical procedure and can broadcast what the vision part of the brain sees. This is proven by other civil researchers who are working in similar fields to the Government.

The implant can also broadcast what you hear and broadcast audio into the brains audio cortex via the implant as well as broadcast out what you are currently thinking as well as what you hear. This can also be proven by other civil research. The implant uses two transmitters contained within the implant to broadcast audio and video back out of the brain to GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters), part of the security services.

The implant also has a torture part to it. The Torture part of the implant works using inaudible low frequency sound waves to apply sonic pressure to the central nervous system in the brain. This pressure is used to manipulate the part of the cortex that controls the nerve system. By applying pressure to the different parts of the brain (the central nervous system) it inflicts varying levels of pain via the nerve system in the human body. It can also manipulate the part of the brain that controls the beating of the heart. The more sonic pressure that is applied to this part of the brain stem makes the heart beat faster. This could be used to cause a heart attack and murder the victim.

The implant has two transmitters in it, one for video and the other for audio. These can be used to send sound waves into the brain and if you use low frequency sound waves they can vibrate the brain and manipulate the muscle and heart systems of the human body. This can also overload the brain with sound waves causing severe pain and damage to the brain.


In 2006 I was used in a medical experiment by the UK Government. They tested out a neurological implant that can broadcast what the vision part of the brain sees as well as what you are currently thinking it can also broadcast audio into the implant. The implant can also use sound waves to manipulate the parts of the brain that control the nerve system of the human body using sonic pressure, this can inflict pain to any part of the body. The implant can also manipulate the part of the brain that controls the heart thereby making the heart beat faster and faster. This implant could be used to kill you.

The Government embedded the implant into the occipital lobe of the brain, (this is where the vision part of the brain is), to test out the implant to find out that the prototype works. They then refused to remove the implant.
Then in 2014 Robert Hannigan became Director General of GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters). In 2015 Robert had GCHQ install a communication console and a torture console that are linked to the implant in my brain into the outhouse of his home.

From 2015 Roberts son Rupert and his brother William have used that torture console to inflict severe pain all over my body. Rupert and William are both insane. Because of the amount of times I have reported Rupert and William to the police they keep on saying that the police in Glasgow are doing a cover up.
Robert Hannigan resigned from GCHQ for reported family reasons in 2017.
In Robert Hannigan’s outhouse are Roberts brother William, Roberts son Rupert and Roberts Daughter, whose name I do not know. William has been there for 2 and a half years. Rupert and Roberts daughter have been in the outhouse for 3 years and have missed 3 years of school. Rupert is 15 and Roberts daughter is 14. In this outhouse is a torture console and a communication console both linked to the implant. Rupert has severely tortured me for 2 years and three years in total.

In Roberts house is Robert and his father who have communication software installed on their computers.
William is Schizophrenic and has a fixed belief that he will get one million pounds from the news media if I get the operation to remove the implant. This absurd insane thought process cannot be removed from Williams mind as he is completely delusional. He also demands 100 thousand pounds from Robert to leave his house.

There is another building close by with people that Robert Hannigan hired himself. Robert hired these people after William entered the outhouse two and a half years ago and refused to leave. The people that Robert hired are 7 homeless people he looked around the streets for. He told them they worked for security (which was a lie) and told them when they arrived in their building that they were to murder me when I was sleeping or if I got into a hospital. In this building is a torture console and a communication console both linked to the implant.

Robert’s plan was to have me murdered so that William and Rupert would leave that outhouse he also won’t stop Rupert from torturing me with severe pain.

The police must take criminal action against the Hannigan family for torturing me and spying on me for 3 years and for conspiracy to murder me.

The torture and communication consoles have to be seized by the police as I need to be free from pain and I also need privacy from the Hannigan family.

No Touch Torture
The Torture part of the implant works using inaudible low frequency sound waves to apply sonic pressure to the central nervous system in the brain. This pressure is used to manipulate the part of the cortex that controls the nerve system.

By applying pressure to the different parts of the brain (the central nervous system) it inflicts varying levels of pain via the skins nerve system in the human body. It can also manipulate the part of the brain that controls the beating of the heart. The more sonic pressure that is applied to this part of the brain stem makes the heart beat faster. This could be used to cause a heart attack and murder the victim.

The implant has two transmitters in it, one for video and the other for audio. These can be used to send sound waves into the brain and if you use low frequency sound waves they can vibrate the brain and manipulate the muscle and heart systems of the human body. This can also overload the brain with sound waves causing severe pain and damage to the brain.

I have tried to press criminal charges against the Hannigan family over 50 times, this is unacceptable and the police must now take action.

The Hannigan family home is located in Gloucestershire in the suburbs of Cheltenham. The police in Gloucestershire know where Robert Hannigan’s home is as he used to be a Director General of GCHQ who are located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Robert is no longer a Director General of GCHQ as the UK Government forced him to resign because of his family torturing me with Government equipment in their home.

Government Section John Duffy to Silence Him

The Government and their Hannigan Workers and the family got John Duffy sectioned into Leverndal hospital on the 04/08/2016 for what he put on this website and for the things he has been saying. They are still smearing him as a rapist and now they are trying to smear him as a grass. They are getting deserate to kill him and blame other people. They are still threatening to torture him to death with the implant. They are still lying about who he is and who he works for (he was a construction worker) and they are now using imprints to smear the patients in that hospital. John's mind is public becuse of that implant and his tourettes is getting worse because they feed his tourettes to make it worse.

John is under a 3 day section and now has to follow the mental heath act to try and get released. He is still willing to try South Glasgow hospital to get a CT scan but because of the constant death threats he no longer believes he can do a brain tumour but has to do a neuro implant operation.

John is not a rapist and can prove this but those people still believe they can frame him. Johns family are not in that building and his friend is not in that building. People need to stop working for the hannigan and the family news media as this is working against John. If those two families believe that people believe those smears they will torture John to death. John is not wanted by the law or by anyone else, the only people that want John dead are the 2 news media but not the mainstream media.

John believes he has to get to another nation but because the police recognise John he cannot get out of this nation as an escaped mental health patient unless South Glasgow give him the operation.

John does not have a girlfriend but for some reason the people in those buildings keep on saying he has a girlfriend.

John had normal privates but now those people in that building keep on torturing John in his privates which gives you a tortured body and they keep on uploading those pictures which sometimes they photoshop. John needs that implant out to get his mind and body back. They are consantly trying to embaress a torture victim because they get embaressed when John smears them. They cannot understand that when John gets tortured he smears them and when John gets smeared he smears them back.

John cannot go to a hospital until those torture machines get turned off or until the hannigan family and the family decide to not torture him to death using that implant. The police have to stop working for those families as that is working to the detriment of this nation. They have to be willing to storm that building and secure those torture machines no matter who is in that building.

They are using imprints and their voices to smear people and they are also hoping John's tourettes does the same. They have to stop usng the voice part of that implant to insult people and to smear John. They are also still smearing Johns family which is as insulting as it is depraved because of what they are doing to Johns family.

John is now not going to allow anyone to smear his nieces, Leanne, Louise and Shannon and will not be held responsible for what he will do if people do smear and insult his family.

Everybody has to stop believing what is written on the Hannigan and Family website and those people in that building have to wake up to the fact that they cannot torture to death an innocent British citizen for smearing them especially when he is being tortured.

Satanist Hannigans and their Workers Torture Disabled Person in Privates & bum

The Hannigan Family and their workers have been torturing John Duffy in the bum in an attempt to force him to give a false confession, they are also saying that they have a prisoner from barlinnie that they are harbering in their home and is torturing John Duffy. They claim that Prince William is also in their building and is trying to frame John Duffy as a paedophile while he tortures John Duffy in the bum. Robert Hannigan is also using GCHQ to frame John Duffy while his Hannigan's relatives torture him in the privates. This sham that GCHQ have become under the Hannigan Family has destroyed GCHQ as a security service as they know categoricly that John is completey innocent apart from the fact that he grows and smokes his own medical marijuana.

They torture John in the bum and all over his body and head including his brain and eyes and heart and say that they will do this to other UK citizens who get either the implant or a nightshade implant. This is why the Hannigan Family and their workers have to be arrested under the criminal system of the UK as they have broken too many laws (inluding rape) of this nation for the police and the UK Government to ignore. They are constantly torturing John in his bum now because, the reason they give is that they hate him, so they plan on torturing John to death. Robert Hannigans wife and parents are also involved in the torture and framing of John including torturing him in the bum. By torturing John in the bum they are confirming what they have been broadcasting over the internet that they are rapists as well as torturers. They also claim that they have murdered people in their building.

If the frame was real they would do what John demands, download those videos (John knows they are CGI as John has never raped anyone) onto John's computer and John will phone a lawyer and walk down to the local police station with them. They still have not downloaded those fake, sick and insulting CGI rape videos. Yet they still frame and smear John as a rapist and a paedophile. They are sick satanists incapable of any logical thought. They now have to end this sick frame and torture session as John will never give them a false confession.

The Hannigan Family and their relatives and workers including the DG at GCHQ Robert Hannigan have to resign and face criminal charges for what they have done to this nation. Those rapists and paedophiles cannot flaunt the laws of the UK and take the pish out of the Government without completely destroying the Government. If they both continue to do nothing while the Hannigan Family and their workers run riot over this nation, kidnapping woman, raping woman, torturing men, all the while the UK Government sit on their arses and allow the Hannigan Family to take the complete pish out of the Government as well as the currently former security service of GCHQ who still have not sent viruses to the torture machines to incapacitate them while their Director General takes the pish out of Johns Family including his nieces who they keep claiming to have murdered.

The Director General has now to resign with immediate effect instead of coming on their broadcast to smear John and his family and gloat about what they are doing to them. This scandal has destroyed the UK as a civilised nation as well as the Conservative Government and if Prince William is in that building which everyone but John knows for a fact then the Royal Family have also been destroyed. GCHQ's upper management who are allowing the Hannigan Family to torture John in his bum have to isolate the Director General or join him on the unemployment lines. They are still trying to frame john as a paedophile because the director General of GCHQ is a vindictive satanist who is gloating about torturing John who he knows is an innocent disabled person in his bum while saying his family have raped his nieces and saying 'we are the news media' with their sham website and smart phone application.

They also claim to have murdered his female friend who they claim to have kidnapped into that building. This scandal must end soon as GCHQ have been completly destroyed by their management who are still following the illegal orders of their Director General as well as the UK Government.

The new Prime Minister has to order the police and the SAS to surround that building and get ready to storm that building to rescue any hostages and to prevent any more hostages from being kidnapped as this is what would happen in any hostage situation.

They have to also end this sham of pretending that a hospital is a court of law and also to end their plan of stripping John naked in a hospital theatre while he is unconsious and torture him publicly in the privates via the hacked CCTV system to broadcast online and pretend that they are trying to prove he is a paedophile when they know for a fact that he is innocent.

If there are no rapists and paedophiles in the UK Government and the Royal Family then both of those institutions will force GCHQ and the Hannigan Family to end the torture and the shame of this nation by surrounding that building and forcing those rapists into a prison cell and end all the rapes of UK woman and the torture of John Duffy and prevent any more woman from being kidnapped as the people in that building keep on saying they will kidnap more woman who even dare to smile at John.

MI5 have to also force GCHQ and the Hannigan family and their workers to obey the laws of the United Kingdom even if the Home Secretary does not do her job and follow the laws that that parliament has enacted for all of us to obey. The laws of the UK apply to all of us not just the people but also the workers of all security services and the MP's at that parliament.

They are torturing John even worse than they have before because John explodes verbally when he is tortured as all torture victims do. They torture John then say they rape woman and murder woman and demand that someone who is being tortured says nothing back to these sick rapists.

How the hell can any intelligent person demand that someone who is being tortured keeps quiet while he is being tortured physically and psychologically at the same time. This is completely illogical and shows how retarded is the intelligence that these people have.

The implant inflicts pain by manipulating the nerve systems and the muscle systems with varying levels of sonic pressure and the implant can inflict serious levels of pain from feeling as if a small insect was crawling along your arm to feeling as if a sledgehammer was pounded upon your arm. This is what dull pain is, on the muscle system.

The sharp pain is comparable to nerve damage and can vary from sore to oblivion levels of pain, the only comparable thing to compare is toothache, which can be from normal toothache to the levels of pain that an abscess can feel like. The sharp pain cannot be truly compared to an abscess as the levels of pain can be so painful that it cannot be measured in any normal pain threshold level and only be compared to being stabbed with a knife. The levels of pain can be so sudden that the body can jerk back as if a bullet entered the body depending on the amount of sonic pressure applied.

If the people in that building have gone insane and anyone who hears them know they have gone insane in their deluded attempt to frame an innocent as a paedophile while they torture him in the bum via that implant's nightshade part then the people in that building can never hold any official posts until they have received the psychiatric help that they need including all relatives of the Hannigan family.

There is no justifaction for murdering anyone. They cannot torture John so badly so he explodes verbally then try and claim that justifies them raping and murdering innocent woman and men especially Johns family who they keep on trying to kidnap.

John is completly innocent, his sister Sandra is completly innocent her husband Stephen is completly innocent, their 3 daughters Leanne, Louise and Shannon are completly innocent and John and Sandras brother Jim is completly innocent. This innocent family have to listen to those people saying they are going to murder them all while they attempt to torture John to death with that implant.

None of the Duffy or Milligan Family are in security and have normal working class jobs apart from John who is a construction worker currently on Disablity because of what that implant has done to him.

The Duffy and Milligan Family have to put up with those people in that building saying that they will kidnap and rape their 3 daughters. The UK Government have to surround that building to prevent Johns nieces from being kidnapped and to prevent anyone from being raped and murdered in that building including Johns 3 neices who are in their early 20's.

This shame of the UK has to end immediatly with the Hannigan family, the UK Government and GCHQ and any members of the Royal Family in that building completly unsmearing the Duffy and Milligan Families publicly and to end their pathetic CGI frame which John can destroy in a real court of law as he is innocent and can prove this categoricly.

There has to be some reason why John cannot get the police to storm that building every single time he has phoned them or went to Aitkenhead Road Police station to do the same thing. There must be a police force in this nation for every single UK citizen as well as security services for every single UK citizen.

They call themselves the news media but they are far from being the news media with that bastardised CGI and voice synth website. If the Hannigan family and those that say they are the news media do not end the torture and shame of the UK then they deserve nothing more than being jailed or assassinated and MI5 and the Police must know this.

Paedophile and rapists have more rights than the innocent Duffy and Milligan Familes at this moment in time to the absolute shame of this nations institutions that are meant to protect all UK citizens. The fact that this is not the case gives John Duffy the absolute right of Self Defence to anyone who collaberates with those rapists in that building including against the occupants of that building.

John has to go to a hospital to get that implant removed. The implant has possibly given John a brain tumour. The NHS are no longer going to lie to John and pretend that that implant is not embedded in his head. The Implant is going to be removed as a medical implant which gave John a brain tumour.

The NHS have to realise that John is not the only person in the west that has a nightshade implant in his head as John has proved categoricly that there are other nightshade implant victims in this and other nations. This implant Is going to be removed in a hospital theatre after being in Johns brain for just over 10 years and the NHS management are no longer going to order their staff to lie to John and say that he does not have this implant since other people will have and have been given a similar implant and that implant that is embedded in John's brain has to be removed with John surviving the operation.

The NHS are no longer going to ignore the facts of reality and criminally lie to John that he does not have the implant when the whole world knows he has the implant and that other people have nightshade implants.

John gets his disibilty benefits on wednesday and the NHS are going to give him the operation to remove that implant since it is a simple 2 hour operation and the workers in charge of the nightshade machines are not going to criminally torture John to death during the operation so that this nation can go back to normality.

John is being tortured for blowing several whistles during the past 3 years. This torture now has to end with immediate effect as there is no justification for torture and in torturing someone who has no more whistles to blow.

We are all due to be implanted especially the police, security and the armed services. This prototype implant has to be removed for all of our sakes.


Why Am I Being Tortured?

Why am I being tortured and why the fuck am I still being tortured since it means I have absolutly no trust. I have committed no crime apart from growing and smoking weed. The torture must STOP as I am being tortured painfully and so badly in the brain that I find it difficult to think and speak as well as walk. I am also being tortured in the privates and the rest of my body. This is fucking depraved and sick and must stop. I am being told I have to kill someone or commit suicide by getting tortured to death in a hospital.

This madness must end as I am also being told that my family get kidnapped. This is why it is counter productive to torture me in the fucking brain as it means I CANNOT use my cognative thinking which is necessary in my situation. To still torture me this badly for no reason while it hinders my ability to end this situation means I must be being tortured by dumb satanists as this is so evil it is uncomprehensable to a sane and normal mind.

They go mental when i smear them but they cannot understand that by torturing me i cannot stop smearing them or exploding verbally. There is no logic to this torture session that has lasted for over a year so far. If there is no logic to the torture what is the explanation for this torture other than the torture to death of an innocent disabled person by a bunch of fucking satanists. The evil is so comprehensive that they smear my family and threaten my family and try to get people to harm my family. This can only be explained by their minds being so fucking depraved and sick that the Government cannot ignore the fact that they have left satanists in charge of the sickest torture implant in the history of the world.

The Government have to act on this situation which is damning this nation as i cannot stop them from torturing me and they seem proud of that fact by saying that I cannot stop them torturing me. They are also trying to turn a torture victim into a joke which damns the institutions of this nation which are responsible for not just doing the torture but allowing the torture.

The fucking police had better storm that fucking building and sieze those fucking torture machines before it is too late as this nations reputation has fallen so far into the pits of hell that it will never recover as this torture session is public and even if it was not is still so unbelievably evil that even dictators wouldnt do it.

To have to use the word evil and satanists about Government technology and workers has finnished this nation as a respectable democracy as the laws of the UK are being violated blatently and publicy and unashameadly. I am being tortured physically and psychologically to an unbelievable point while I try and get a fucking usless piece of technology out from the back of my head without being tortured to death.

They keep saying to me they want to see me cry, WHY? What the hell is wrong with their brains that they want to inflict as much physical pain into a human being while at the same time say things that are so sick and pyschologically evil that they want to see tears in my eyes to prove i am human.

Hello, what the fuck, human. What the fuck do these bastards think i am. The fucking anti-christ, Jesus Christ or a fucking British citizen who should not be being tortured. I cannot believe some of the things that i hear. They keep frying my brain to the point that my vision shifts slighlty. I do not know if anyone has seen this. This is so fucking painful that I usually explode.


The enjoyment in their voices sometimes while they torture me speaks volumes about their mentality and the fact that they cannot accept the simple premise that I am NOT a fucking rapist or a fucking pedophile means they have lost all grip upon reality or they believe that for whatever reason that they have been told that they are above the law and can do whatever the hell they want to the people of the UK.

No one this disturbed can be above the laws of this nation.

They keep trying to get me to smear my female friend which I cannot understand. They call everybody in that building her name every now and then then try and get me to smear her. This will not happen. I may smear that name as it is always applied to someone else but I will not smear my female friend. She is not my girlfriend but my friend.

I have also NOT heard her own voice. I do not understand why she was brought into this broadcast either over one year ago and have no idea whether she is in that building as i have not heard her own voice. I do not trust that voice synth either but still they play a womans voice but only one or two words into the ear that they have damaged usually while they play ringers into that ear or while they are frying my brain and it is still not her voice as she has a distintive accent.


If these bastards do not stop telling me to commit suicide without the fucking Government swinging into action by ordering the fucking SAS and the security services and the police into those buildings to sieze those insane torture machines and end this nations shame then we do not have a fucking Government.

All the Government forces have to do is storm that building and put a bullet into anyone who is anywhere near a fucking torture machine.

I have comitted no crime but i am still being tortured and my family are still at risk.

What the fuck is wrong with the law forces in this nation including GCHQ whose broadcast at times stuns me. That fucking depraved website has shamed those that built it to the point that they have become so fucking delusional that they believe their own sick propaganda.

The fucking police had better stop threatening me as no one can understand why we do not have a police force in this nation and the police had better protect my family while I try and get this implant out.

To try and turn a torture victim into a joke means they must know by now that no one believes their frame attempt. I must have hurt them so badly that they have resorted to sick GGI frames and whatever other pathological lies they put on that website and must have dented their ego's.

To be tortured to death for hurting someones ego is so stupid that I have no words to describe them other than FUCK IT.

If I am forced to kill someone it is the fault of the other side as I am trying to get to a sane nation to get this dumb fucking implant removed hopefully in a theatre that has a jammer for all of the above reasons.

Who the hell is speaking to me over my computer from GCHQ using that fucking voice synth since they just said i must be a virgin. Hello, what, I have been in a fucking political cage for over ten fucking years thats what.

I will repeat again, i am not a virgin, not a paedophile, not a rapist so why am i still being tortured and for what reason has it not ended?

That question goes out to every citizen in this nation.


If GCHQ do not stop using my nieces name for my fucking privates there are 6000 workers especially the management at GCHQ who are now legitimate targets.

If the management at GCHQ can look at their footage of me while this implant is in my brain then they must know that i am fucking innocent. The person at GCHQ who is still insulting not just me but my family can only be a dumb satanist and had better wake the fuck up. There is no point in speaking so quietly that i have difficulty hearing yet know it is broadcastible to whoever is listening. I know they are following orders and believe it is a voice synth as they speak all day long, Caroline. The management have to wake up.

GCHQ have died a death over the past several months as they are getting sicker and sicker as well as the people in those buildings.

Who am I, GCHQ. That is a simple question that can be answered by looking at the original footage and not that fucking CGI crap that they upload to that website as the Americans also have the same original footage and know i am innocent.

My tourettes syndrome had better stop being fed by the people at that building as well as GCHQ as they know i am disabled and their imprints are starting to get beyond a joke.

The joke is the torturers and not the torture victims.

My name is John Duffy not Anne Frank and I do not wish to insult her family as I know what happened to Anne Frank but this website is turning into a fucking diary that is unbelievable as I cannot understand why I am still stuck in Glasgow with this fucking implant in my brain while still being tortured.

The above paragrapgh should wake people up to what I believe is coming to our nation.

At 21:45 I had a tourettic tic or an imprint that said I raped a two year old as earlier a two year old recognised me, waved then smiled, then just now outside my home they got someone to send their two children out to say things, they did not smear me but the people of those buildings were hoping for and got that tourettic tic smear, then out loud I said I have never raped a two year old. I was then told that they had manipulated that out loud statement and uploaded it to that fucking website to try and frame me yet again.

The stupidly of those that are building that website and are torturing me is dumbfounding as most people were listening at the time. Who are the people they are trying to brainwash and for what reason. I am disabled with tourettes syndrome because of the satelitte broadcast from the implant from ten years ago and still have tourettes because my mind is still public.

Those people of that website now believe I am writing a book. This is what my family, my friends and myself have to put up with.

For the last time I will say this I am completely innocent apart from the fact that I grow and smoke my own medical marijuana and I am growing another medical plant in my cupboard as I wait to try and get the medical treatment I need to remove that fucking implant.

This madness has to end with that website being fixed and the frame has to end.

I am going to Ireland to get this fucking implant removed with hopefully the help of Ireland and America as I believe Imay have a brain tumour and not just that implant.

Hopefully the new UK Government can end this situation that my family, friends and myself find ourselves in.

Why I have the Implant and What They Want In South Glasgow Hospital

The implant was put in me without my permission or knowledge, it was embedded in my brain while I had a full head of hair and still had a full head of hair after the operation back in February 2006. I had attended a networking course that also had military on it. I chose that course because I had just finished college and spent half a year on unemployment benefits to qualify for the course as it was free to those on long term benefits and I had been put into severe debt after college so much so that I nearly lost my home as the housing were forced to take me to court because of rent arrears, thankfully the housing were supportive of me as they are a good Housing Assosation.

Because there were military on that course as well, they had to do a background check on me and found out that my parents were not alive and where I lived and that I did not have a criminal record and I still do not. I am not a prisoner living under house arrest but instead a politcal prisoner living in a public cage.

I have been told over and over usually at night time or morning time what they want to do to me in South Glasgow Hospital. Instead of getting the operation to remove the implant they will broadcast live from the theatre, then they want the staff to strip me naked, burn one my balls off, torture my body including the privates and also the part of the brain that does the stand up, then torture me severly in the privates so that I wake up naked with a fake erection (stand up) then frame me as a paedophile and a rapist, then torture me to death and upload a fucking che guevarra photo to that fucking website to the absolute shame and disgust of this nation. Then take the implant down to that building. All because I watched a documentary several years ago while there was a radio application public.

They also tell me they kill people when I have not said a word but am just listening to music and them while being tortured, they then torture me severly so that I explode with rage, then they manipulate the timeline and upload it to their website to make it out as if me exploding was what caused the killing, hoping to fool people who then go on their website in the morning or evening time.

They have also uploaded a photo that they found on a website one that they said they would use as I was researching insane barbaric crimes and one was of a dead person in a field.

I have no idea if anyone has been killed as I do not have the website or the satelite broadcast or any of the apps and I am not doing a cover up of anyone being killed as NO ONE had better have been or should have been killed but I am willing to rise above me being tortured even although I am forced to go to the European Court of Human Rights as I still cannot get into a hospital.

The pain levels that implant can put into you is unbelievable, the Torture to Death of an innocent disabled human being.

This is why they have resorted to advanced CGI videos and voice synth software, because they have spent half a year trying to frame me as a fucking paedophile and a fucking rapist without success. That is why I have been forced to fight this frame for so long as they are more than determined to torture me to death.

I am not a freedom fighter, not a paedophile, not a rapist, not a terrorist, not a gangster but instead I am an illegal human experiment for the worst technology that has been invented (The implant) and the worst discovery in 2015 (Nightshade) who is trying to get the operation to remove that fucking implant.

I intend to try and get to a hospital in Ireland where I hope I can trust the Government and the NHS and hopefully a theatre that is not on public camera because of GCHQ's capabilities but an operation to remove the implant as this is a classified operation.

Hopefully the United Kingdoms new Prime Minister will order this madness to end and allow me to get that implant out as I suspect I may have a brain tumour never mind the fact that I am being tortured.

There is an Evil So Disturbing in the UK that it has to be Eradicated

Those people who are torturing me using this implant are so evil there are no words to desribe them other than they canot be allowed to live in any nation on earth if they continue to disgust the citizens of the UK. The pain they have put me through and for so long means they are not just depraved and evil but so delusionally sick that they MUST be KILLED if they harm any other people no matter who they are.

This implants nightshade element has to be destroyed. No other nation can get nightshade, the camera is dumb but nightshade is undilluted evil just as are the people that are using it on an INNOCENT disabled human being. The phsycological torture from them is just as disturbing on numerous families. The phsyical torture is the reason that this implant has to go to a Government that will NOT use me as an illegal human experiment to learn it. I do NOT trust going to any hospital where i believe i would be used in an experiment. Only two nations have nightshade PRAY to whatever God you believe in that no other nation gets nightshade. I WILL NEVER become an experiment for any institution or large nation and they must not get nightshade.

There are United Nation protocols in place to prevent other nations from getting the nuclear bomb. The UN MUST enact similar protocols to prevent any other nation or instituion from developing Nightshade.

I plan on getting this implant out in a nation I trust and the Hannigans and whoever else is in those buildings will never get this implant from me. Those buildings have to be surrounded as there may be hostages in there and they must be protected. I must go to Ireland and hope the Irish Government will help me as this implants nightshade is too sick to trust with any hospital in the UK as those people believe they can torture a human being so badly that they are untouchable. This can NEVER happen.

Also if anybody believes they can rape people and get away with it and that includes every single person in those buildings just because they come from a privilaged background or because they believe that those from a privilaged background are allowing them to rape people so they can further rape people then a form of summary justice must be inflicted upon them and not a quick summary justice but a slow and meaningful one.

Any hostages must be kept alive and safe from harm. Including from anyone who was a Director General or from a privilaged background or any of their workers. If you come from a privilaged background and violate the laws of the UK because you have some perverse belief that you can rape woman without justice then you have to be hanged especially if that victim is further harmed.

The people of the UK do not condone rapists or paedophiles and those from a privilaged background had better realise this.

To Hannigan and the rest of those so called privilaged background people including your workers. Keep every single hostage and victim alive, Hanigan and so called privilaged background people. GCHQ know everybody that is in that building, So keep them ALIVE AND FREE FROM HARM and RELEASE THEM back to their families ALIVE.

That is why we have the police and the security services, so that the citizens of our Island are protected not so that those from a fucking so called privilaged background can commit crimes that the citizens of the UK find abhorrent.

This is your only warning.

As I write this they are frying the cognative part of the brain which makes it difficult to write never mind think as well as torturing both of my balls. Thats how sick some of these individuals are. I have been put through too much pain to back down from this. The security services and the police have to protect any innocents who are in those buildings and prevent anyone else from getting kidnapped as I am not the SAS, the Police and Security rolled into one, I am one person with the sickest technology embedded in my brain.

If someone stole a nuclear bomb and was holed up in a building it would be surrounded, that has to happen in those buildings that have the torture machines no matter what buildings they are. The torture part of the implant (nightshade) is a comparetive threat to the human race as a fucking nuke. The UN and NATO have to wake up to this as the UK Government have NOT so much so that the people of not just the UK but this planet have to wake up to this.

I need help and so does my family and friends as the UK Government seem to have gone rogue or are just absent from reality. I am being tortured for blowing whistles on this implant and what it is for including other whistles such as Chemtrails during Edward Snowdons leak. I am being framed with CGI. I have been monitered because of this implant and no other reason, so how the hell can I commit any crimes apart from growing and smoking medical marijuana.

That other website is being filled with a sea of advanced CGI against me which is as daft as it is mental because I have been public to security from 2 nations for 10 years as well as the police after Snowdons leak. So how the hell could I commit any serious crimes. I am not a rapist, paedophile, terrorist or a gangster, I am an illegal human experiment victim who is now a torture victim.

Anyone that believes the frame is so stupid that they need to be re-educated to the depths of depravity that some of our so called leaders are capable of.

That website has to be cleaned of all the victims that the builders of that website created. GCHQ have to realise that because of the insults to everybody they have CGI-ed that the management have to resign if they do not remove those fucking insulting videos and photo shopped insults.

This insulting website and their builders have to understand that they cannot create victims because they have a dumb grudge against myself and if whoever builds that website do not stop shaming themselves by insulting innocent people male and female who have NEVER harmed GCHQ, the Government, the Hannigans and anyone else associated with that website that they HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR FUCKING NATON. If that simple fact of GET TO FUCK does not sink in to their tiny depraved and vindictive minds the people of this nation cannot allow those dumb bastards to abhorntly shame our nation any longer.

If the builders of that frame website are serious about framing me as a fucking beast then either give me those videos and i will get a lawyer and walk into a police station or give them to the police and I will destroy those that created those videos as well as those that asked for them to be created in a court of law both criminal and civil.

The creaters of that website have also to STOP insulting my family. These dumb bastards are also trying to claim that I was raped either as a child or as an adult. I have NEVER been raped. They have to also STOP insulting my sister and her children, Hannigans. This insult to my family had better end, Hannigans and weird news media whoever you are since your not the actual news media.

And one final fact, a fucking hospital is not a fucking court of law and those that wanted those fucking videos are not Judge, Jury and Executioner. Especially in a nation without a death penalty.

Give me the frame videos or clean that website as that website HAS to be cleaned up.

If the Hannigans continue to torture me all over my body including in my privates and my bum to the shame of those fucking Hannigans and anyone from a so called fucking privilaged background or by fucking goverment stooges just because I explode when tortured or write what is in the minds of the every sane person then they cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

They are concentrating on both of my balls especially the right ball and these cowards dont even have the balls to tell me who is doing it. They are known to everybody that has the website. If the Police and security services are not awake to this statement then this nation is FUCKED and I will eventually kill someone as I cannot put up with this much pain.

Those buildings that are torturing me have to be stormed even if it is any Government Building including GCHQ. Whoever is torturing my balls at this moment has to be arrested they are that sick no matter who it is.

I intend on going to my parents nation to get the help i need even if it means claiming asylum to force the Irish Government to give me the operation to remove this implant and i hope America helps in this as i cannot emphasise enough how much a threat this implants nightshade is.

I will never be an experiment for nightshade.

I believe i am being tortured to death for absolutly no reason as the only crimes that i have committed are growing weed and smoking weed.

People do not understand how much pain i am in because i do not scream or say ahh. I know it does not look as if i am being badly tortured at times apart from when i put holes in my wall or throw tables into security windows with such rage that it sticks in the fucking window.

This is because of what happened in Dublin in 2015. This implant is a real threat to us all and must go to a Government as i do not know what they are doing with the nightshade machines, but they must be seized even if that happens before i get into a hospital as i already have 76 denials of medical treatment to remove this implant.

No one should be tortured this badly whether private or public. The person who is torturng my balls just know is so stupid he has to be arrested and whoever ordered it has to be arrested or killed unless they are doing it under their own inititive as i do not know who it is, but they seem to believe they can torture me to force me to go to Bristol or Cheltenham.

The people torturing me have no experiance in torture and have no knowledge of the levels of pain that nightshade can inflict. That is the fault of the UK Government. We will have a new PM soon wo has to be awake to what this thing is and what needs to happen to secure those nightshade machines as David Cameron does not.

GCHQ have this technology in the UK and the management below the Director General have to WAKE UP and isolate him and refuse to follow his orders and send a fucking virus to those fucking torture machines. That building has to be surrounded.

I have been in a political cage for ten years and have been tortured every single day for over one year. I have been put through so much i am getting this fucking implant out of my brain and i am getting my fucking life back.

I am not suicidal and have no intention of ever committing suicide. I do NOT advise anyone to piss me off or smear or frame me as a fucking beast on behalf of that fucking parliament or GCHQ or that building. That message is going to the police especially but not uniquely as they know i am innocent and i have the right of self defence against anyone who frames me or who is so fucking dumb they do not believe that i am being fucking tortured even when i do not explode.

You only have to look at my eyes to see how tortured i am and also keep watcing the Dublin videos on this website including the long one as the scream at the end of that happened one hour later for 2 fucking hours and has been classified.

Those torture machines HAVE to be turned OFF as they are an insult every single human being.

The next generation has to be protected from Nightshade by the United Nations outlawing Nightshade as well as every single person being so vigilante that we dont allow our children to be implanted and tortured in the privates and the bum by forcing the United Nations to outlaw Nightshade by any means including protests and other forms of political activisim constantly until Nightshade is outlawed as I am being tortured from my toes to my brain from 400 miles away. Think about that, 400 miles away, sitting on my own, in my own home, with no one near me. Nightshade MUST be OUTLAWED by the United Nations.

I am going to Ireland to give this implant to the Irish Government hopefully with America's help and intend to survive the operation as I am FUCKING INNOCENT and have been in a solitary cage for ten years.

John Duffy

UK Government Torture & Frame an Innocent in Implant Nightshade Cover-up

The Hannigan family (Robert Hannigan Director General GCHQ) and the workers they hired are torturing John Duffy in order to force him to go down to their home with the implant or to try and get Police Scotland to take him from South Glasgow Hospital to their home to give them the implant, where they plan on selling it to some of the Hannigans religion, Scientology. They are framing John Duffy as a paedophile and a rapist in a cover up in order to achieve this. John has NEVER raped anyone and can prove this in a court of law if the Government or GCHQ's Director General had the balls to take him to court since security from two nations have been monitering him for ten years because of the illegal human experiment and the Police for three years because of snowdons application. They are threatening to burn off one of John's two balls to match one of their several CGI frame videos. It has also been reported that a prisoner from Barlinnie may be in that building as well as possibly one of John's female friends although he has never heard her own voice.

Police Scotland are not going along with this as they have been listening to John Duffy using Edward Snowdon's smart phone application which receives audio from the implant embedded in John's head and know categoricly that he is innocent apart from the fact that he grew a small amount of marijuana for medical reasons, two plants, which you cannot be prosecuted for as it is a complete waste of not just Police time but Court time and the Judge would just throw the case out or just issue a £50 fine then berate the police for prosecuting someone for two marijuana plants since it is practically decriminlised as there are over 5 million marijuana users in the United Kingdom.

They are also trying to frame John with his nieces Leanne, Louise and Shannon as well as several other people. Johns family are stunned by this frame. They are in fear for their children because GCHQ and the UK Government are involved in the frame. John is going to the European Court of Human Rights to sue the UK Government as well as the Independant Powers Tribunal to put a complaint in against GCHQ about Human Rights violations.

John has been tortured all over his body including in his privates and his bum as well as in his brain and the Hannigans intend to torture him to death in his home or in a hospital or outside of their home. They are relying on Police Scotland to give them the implant if John is tortured to death in his home or in a hospital. John does not know where the Hannigan family home is as he does not have that website. They are using CGI videos from GCHQ to try and frame John. These videos have already been exposed for what they are.

The UK Government are allowng the Hannigans to do this because some of the cabinet have a grudge against John because of a previous civil court attempt which the UK Government at the time put a stop to illegally as well as the two illegal human experiment cover-ups. The Prime Minister is resigning soon with a fresh leadership election taking place. The new leader of the Conservative Party who will become the Prime Minister has to end this sham which has disgraced this nation.

GCHQ's Director General has been insideously insulting Johns niece Lousie by saying publicly one morning on the broadcast on John's Computer to John that 'Louise was in your body'. Louise has NOT been abused by her family. These words are so disgusting that the Director General must immediatly RESIGN. Philip Hammond the Foreign Secretary who is in charge of GCHQ MUST sack the Director General of GCHQ with immediate effect, if that Director General does not realise the sickness of those words to not just Louise and John but Louise's mum and dad as well as her sisters who are all public because of that website then he does not have a normal mind. If Hammond does not as well as order GCHQ to end the torture by nuking those machines with a virus then the new Prime Minister must sack both Hammond and GCHQ's Director General.

The people in John's city have to understand what John's family are going through as this is stunning the whole planet and John's family as well as himself need support. No one can collaberate with these sick individuals who are threatening and torturing an innocent Glaswegian family.

They have smeared John's entire family. His sister is a secretary, her husband works for a store and John's brother is a back-to-work instructer and John is a former construction worker who is on disibilty because of the mental illness (an internal version of Tourettes Syndrome, since the mind is not meant to be public to so many people and because of the smart phone apps will always be public until he gets the operation to remove the implant) that he developed because of that implant and the first Government sattelite broadcast ten years ago and he has NEVER been in a gang.

John has been trying to expose that implant for ten years including after Snowdon's (the NSA whistleblower) leak as well as what it is intended for, as the implant in John's head is a prototype which the UK Government have since built several torture machines for. You do not build several torture machines for a prototype that has no further use.

This frame is also to cover up the fact that John was NOT the only illegal human experiment for that illegal implant experiment in January 2015. John was tortured in the upper body so that the Government could map that part of the torture functions of the implant onto a operating system computer console machine which everybody calls Nightshade. This can be witnessed on a video that John made from Dublin at the end of January 2015 where John was tortured insideoulsy on his upper body. They did not learn any other body parts from John but by May 2015 they knew how to inflict pain on every single body part including the privates and the eyes which came as a complete surprise to John.

This means that there was another victim of that implant who was forced to become an illegal experiment for the rest of the muscle system. The reason there was another victim was that John's mind was already public because of Snowdon's smart phone application. The whereabouts of that other victim is unknown. This is why the UK Government have went along with this frame to try and discredit John and to stop people believing anything that he says since John knows what illegal experiment he was used in.

They have tortured John Duffy insideously including in his privates and his bum as well as not just painfully in the brain by overloading the implant with sound waves and vibrating the brain (also see video below) which includes sound waves outwith the human hearing bandwidth as well as audible ringers which has the effect of incapacitating the cognitive functions of the brain including the ability to think, read and speak properly as well as affecting the short term memory and his eyesight. They also fry his actual eyes which is making his eyesight worse. They can also block his ears which is not just painful but makes it difficult to hear especially more than one voice at a time and they can make him temporally deaf in one or both ears as well as affects the tones that the ears hear. His hearing in his left ear is getting worse. They can also inflict heat or cold to any muscle system as well as his privates and his eyes.

The torture of the brain is the most depraved as the brain is the person and controls all bodily functions and is so painful that John has put holes in his wall as well as putting in a bedroom window by throwing a table in it in a fit of desparete rage and pain control. John explodes verbally to try and control the brain as this works better than saying AHH. It also makes it feel as if the whole body vibrates and can feel deep pressure coming down upon the brain itself and can also affect the vision.

The people that are torturing John who are criminally insane are sickly and stupidly concentrating on torturing John in the brain in an attempt to turn his brain and his mind into a vegitable in the most barbaric torture session ever. What sort of mind tortures an innocent human being in his brain, only the most depraved of the human race would do this. They are also trying to claim that John has a suicide pact with people which is NOT TRUE as this would put people at risk.

These rapists are also torturing John in his bum. The stupidity of these shamed rapists and torturers in torturing an innocent disabled person in his bum shows how sick these scum are. They cannot get away with the crimes and depraved torture that have destroyed this nation, shamed their families and sickend this planet so much that they have to be lynched if the Government and the police do not do their job and storm and arrest those depraved bastards. The torture is so unbelievably painful especially in the brain that it would put mediavel despots to shame. These sick basterds have absolutely no shame or empathy and are so delusional and depraved that they cannot be allowed to walk the streets of any nation on earth.

NO ONE has been this badly tortured or tortured for as long in the history of the United Kingdom and this sick and depraved public torture session MUST end including before John goes into a hospital to get the implant removed as this torture of the innocent is shaming this nation.

John has been trying to rise above the torture but becase it is still going on as well as the frame and the fact he cannot get into a hospital theatre he had to go to the European Court of Human Rights as well as the IPT. He is still trying to get the implant out either in Scotland or in Ireland as he trusts the Irish Health service and police in his parents nation as Irish Security have also been listening for 3 years and have attempted to help him previously when he was in Ireland including all the people in the North as well as the South of Ireland.

Sound Waves That Vibrate the Brain Example

Frame CGI Capabilities

Documentary Link: Will Work For Free

Frame CGI Capabilities Video Link


My Codes:

The Hurricane Setup

2006 Before Nightshade

2016 During Nightshade

Student Card

Room Before Nightshade







Nightshade must be removed from the brain of the victim. The use of nightshade is sick and must end. The implant must be removed in a hospital with the victim surviving the operation as the victim must come home.

Open Your Eyes

The Hurricane

The other website is filled with pathological lies and mis-info about my intentions about where to get this implant out. The main problem I have is the frame against me. If I am framed I will not survive the operation. I do not have access to this other website and must rely on people telling me what is on it but I am aware of CGI frame videos. The workers of the other website must end the frame and whovever is creating the frame videos whether it is GCHQ or the media must stop as it is preventing me from getting the implant removed. They are also threatening to burn one off my balls off which is completly barbaric.

GCHQ have to stop insulting and threatening my family if they want the people to recognise them as a security service. The top brass at GCHQ have shamed this nation for the last time. The lies from GCHQ must stop as I cannot trust pathological liars which is what GCHQ have become under their current leadership. The police have to be a police force even if it means ignoring their management as we are all supposed to be living in a lawful nation. I am fed up having to threaten to legally kill male policemen to ensure that no-one is kidnapped for those people in that building down south while I try to figure out how to get this stupid implant into a hospital. That website has to be fixed as everyone knows it is a dumb frame website as well as a complete insult to my innocent family.

GCHQ have to now ignore every single demand from those people and become a security service again. In 2006 I developed Tourettes Syndrome in a mental health hospital while GCHQ were speaking to me via the implant, because of a sattelite broadcast from the implant, the mind rebels at the very notion of it being public and thats how my version of tourettes started as it is just the inner mind vocal tics that I have which all people who have tourettes have as well as external vocal tics and motor tics. GCHQ have now to release some of the audio that they have, 6 months worth from when the implant was illegaly embedded in me until I was sectioned for trying to get the implant removed in a hospital, where I did not smear myself or anyone else. I do not have a criminal record and GCHQ had better stop working for the other side and help my family and myself. The Government are still not a Government and probebly never will be.

GCHQ have also photoshopped my medical record on the other website. Since GCHQ can have access to my NHS medical records I have very little trust in them since I know what they are capable of doing technology wise and they have also photoshopped a criminal record. I do not have a criminal record and have the proof of this from a data protection act application.

The only crime I have committed is growing my own marijuana and smoking it. You cannot get tortured to death for getting stoned especially since it is medical marijuana since I am being denied medical treatment and I have not been told offically that I have a brain tumour or whether it is benign or malignant if I have a brain tumour.

GCHQ have to release the audio of me before I developed tourettes syndrome since this seems to be a problem with those from the other website. If anyone has a problem with disabled people with tourettes syndrome then to hell with them. You cannot discrimate against disabled people and expect anything other than rage from most people especially myself.

I only intend to get this implant out in 3 nations, Scotland which looks increasingly unlikely because of the police and the NHS board but I will probebly try South Glasgow again since travelling to another nation and getting a knockback would freak me out again since I cant handle coming back to my own nation with the implant still in my head, Ireland or Iceland in either NHS hospitals or military hospitals as I trust the police and security in both of those nations as well as the staff in their hospitals. I have no intention of going to a large nation such as France or Spain even although they are in NATO, only in small nations will I attempt to get the implant removed.

It would be better for me and my family to get the medical treatment I need in my own nation but I have 76 denials of medical treatment so far over a 2 year period which is unacceptable and I have some problems with the police on non criminal matters which have to be addressed since it is the police who would be in the theatre and who I have to trust.

I have every intention of coming back to Scotland after the operation to my home if I go abroad, but my home has to be cleaned of those cameras so that I can restart my life after spending 10 years in a political cage.

Government Frame Expose

Above is an expose of a frame that was used against me. Along with CGI and the Voice Synth, that can mimic anyones voice which they use all the time over my computer when I listen to music, they are attempting to pervert the course of justice by framing an innocent disabled person in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

Below is the Data Protection Act request I was forced to get to prove I do NOT have a criminal record

UK Government & Hannigan Family Frame Disabled person as a Paedophile to Justify Torturing Him To DEATH

GCHQ have attempted to frame John Duffy as a pedophile and have said that he has a criminal record which is not true, he has never been in prison and is not on bail as the scanned document above proves. He was arrested once because the police thought he had a weapon, but this was not true, he appeared in the sherriff's court and was found NOT GUILTY, the Sheriffs court is for small crimes, he has never been in the High Court. The Government used him in an illegal experiment to test out this sick implant and have smeared him insideously in a barbaric attempt to justify 1 and a half years of the most insideous form of torture using the sickest Government implant ever and to torture him to death in violation of the Human Rights Act 1998, while some Government workers rape and murder woman. The Government of David Cameron have issued these orders to cover up not just what has happened to John Duffy but also what has happened in the building that houses the torture machines that are linked to the medical implant. With the police being forced to stand by and do nothing while all these laws of the United Kingdom have been violated.

The torture victim has been tortured so badly he has developed a small brain tumour, his eyesight is getting worse and his hearing is also getting worse. While the workers that the Government have hired have the time of their lives. He is also in constant pain sometimes serious and insideous pain.

They also torture him in the bum and privates while their family members have raped people and they also smear him online and attempt to frame the innocent victim as a fucking paedophile and rapist using CGI video and photoshop photos which everybody is already aware are fake as he has been public the whole time. The Police and security have to storm those two buildings where they keep their torture machines to save this nations reputation. This insult to the UK has to end soon.

The victim is being tortured to force a false confession out of him which is barbaric in a civilised nation with apparent laws against torture. They must be shot dead or jailed for the crimes that they have committed no matter who they are or think they are as no one can get away with raping people, murdering people or torturing people, not in this nation.

The victim was told by the Glasgow NHS that he would never get into South Glasgow Hospital, they are not allowing him to get the implant out as an implant or a brain tumour so he has to once again get ready to try another small nation.

GCHQ are communicating to John Duffy using his computer and are also smearing him publicly as everything under the sun. This sick organisation has still not went back to being a security service and seems to prefer to be a rapist stalking service for a Government that has gone rogue. The Government are also smearing John Duffy's family insideously and are making their addresses public on that depraved website. It is time that the Government woke up and realised that the people of the UK will never trust the Government unless they prove to the whole world that they will never do this again to an innocent British family.

GCHQ MUST now unsmear John Duffy and his entire family, if this is too much for the DG at the Cheltenham based organisation then the people of the UK have to say to HELL with a former security service that has proved beyond a doubt that they are not worth a fuck to this nation and prefer cosying up to a tiny majority of the upper classes of this nation while the Government continue to build more torture machines for this medical implant which is no longer a prototype project!

The DG of GCHQ must now resign or nuke those machines that are used to torture John Duffy and stop threatening the places that he lives to murder an innocent man and so must those bastards that are in those buildings. The UK Government must force the PM to resign as he has presided over the most shamefull episode in British history.

The UK Government now have to answer to the European Court of Human Rights for violating the rights of John Duffy and his family. They know catogoricly that he has tourettes syndrome as they were communicating with him via the implant when he developed that disibilty because his mind was public on a sattelite broadcast because of that sick implant back in 2006.

Back then GCHQ were working under a protest to try and help John Duffy get that fucking implant removed but now in 2016 for some weird and disturbed reason they are no longer helping a British national get that fucking thing removed and have the victim survive the operation alive or with all of his body parts unharmed.

John Duffy needs that fucking operation as is quickly as is possible as he has a fucking BRAIN TUMOUR. What the hell has happened to the nation that once stood alone against those fucking nazis during world war two and has now fallen so far asleep that the people cannot see beyond the bullshit Government policies and into a fucking Government program to IMPLANT AND DEPOPULATE our FUCKING NATION.

FOR FUCKS SAKE this bloody nation had better waken up or our fucking CHILDREN ARE DEAD under this sick Government mentality that believes that our planet with finite resources has to have a fucking GENOCIDE to keep the upper classes living in the livestyle that they are acustomed to, while they stick implants in our brains to force us to kiss their fucking arses or we get tortured to death.

We have devolped our brains and our intelligence so much apart from the other species of our beautiful planet that we are supposed to have the fucking intelligence to be the caretakers of our planet not its bloody destroyers.

We are facing a threat similar to that of the dinosaurs because we are fallng asleep to what is happening to our home. We can only live on one fucking planet and yet we are poisoning the rivers, the seas, the soil and the atmosphere.

Our Governments have proven catogoricly that they do not have the inteligence to be our Government. We need a new form of system where we have elders who are intelligent but not so entirley stupid that they put one day every 5 years ahead of their capability to govern our nation and look after ALL of our people not just a tiny majority who have become so fucking delusional that they think they can rape our woman, murder our woman, rape our children, rape our planet and we will sit on our ARSES and not do a fucking thing back to these sick bastards.

The media have been forced to expose pedophiles all over our governing class including at that fucking parliament down in London while the top brass of the fucking police do not arrest those fucking pedophile polititians that the media have already exposed. How many more of our governing class have still to be arrested for crimes that the people of the UK find so depraved and disturbing that these types of criminals have to be put into special wings in our prisons or the prisoners would kick the shit out of them.

There is no excuse for raping anyone. There is also no excuse for murdering anyone except in self defence or of destroying our planet yet our fucking government do nothing but dream of the next election where they will pretend to listen to our wishes for one fucking day then ignore us for another 5 years.

FUCK any polititian who now does not stand up for this nation in our nations time of need as we are approaching a darkness so disturbing to those that can see it that they are prepared to do whatever is neccessary to prevent it from happening including protesting against that useless parliament in not just London but in Edinburgh.

Our Government is supposed to be governed by the people for the people that means everybody not just a tiny percentage that can afford to look after themseves but who still FEAR us so much they want this fucking implant program to be expanded over time to our police, our army and our security services then whatever slaves remain after the planned event.

The physical torture MUST END and this implant is getting removed from my brain in a fucking hospital or I swear to god there will be a reckoning that is entirely justified as I have been in a political cage for 10 years so far in virtual solitary confinement which I am no longer putting up with not just because of the torture but because a human being is not meant to live in solitary confinement as we are a social species and need our family and friends as well as a community around us to keep our nation from falling into a cesspit of depravity in a depopulated world that is entirely unjustified.

Our planet is our home and is so fucking beautiful that we must defend our home from being destroyed by becoming her caretakers.

I am being framed also with stories taken from newspapers which are then scanned and manipulated on that website.This is one of a real article which I know they had done this from. Below is the original.

Flame For Freedom

No Organisation Or Government Must Get Nightshade

Nightshade is the sickest discovery in the history of mankind and other than the two countries that have it, must never be given to any other country or organisation other than a small country I trust unconditionally to never use it but destroy it. Nightshade is not the camera, the camera is thick. I will never be an experiment for nightshade under any condition. I will never go to London to be an experiment for nightshade.

Bruise From Nightshade going over and over the same area using slight sharp pain.

The workers that Hannigan has hired have continually threatend to torture me to death in my home with the full collaberation of Robert Hannigan, Philip Hammond and David Cameron since they still have not ordered GCHQ to incapacitate their computer or replace that Director General that has shamed not only GCHQ but the whole of Britain. The three aforementioned polititions and DG have got sort themselves out to fix this nation so that the UK can once again be a democracy that does not torture to death the innocent for no reason other than the DG is an uncontrollable pervert that has stunned the whole planet.

From January I have been tortured so badly that my eyesight is failing and I have developed a brain tumour. In Dublin the torture was so bad that it has been classified. This torture session so terrified me that I will under no conditions set foot in that news media hospital in London to be an experiment for nightshade.

The news media have threatened myself and my family for 2 years. Robert Hannigan has also hired workers and put them in charge of the nightshade computer that is torturing me. Robert’s workers are also trying to insinuate and put at risk my family members and my friends from the news media by saying that they should be taken to force me to give this nuke to the news media despite the fact that it is Hannagan’s website and not the media’s website.

GCHQ must be ordered to incapacitate the computer they are using to end not only the torture but the sick broadcast they are using via the implant that is allowing them to say things to insult and threaten the people of this nation in an attempt to get money from the media or the government.

The workers he is using seem to be suicidal. It is obvious that the conservative government and the opposition do not understand what is in my head. They do not seem to recognise the threat that this implant posses to the people of this country.

The politicians have left me and my family and my friends in an intolerable situation that cannot continue for much longer. I have been so badly tortured to protect this implant that my life is under serious threat and my life will probably be cut short when I survive the operation since cancer usually comes back. Most people do not seem to recognise the threat that this implant posses to us all as well as the next generation. This thing can torture you to death from 300 miles away. The Dublin event was so bad that it sparked the biggest protest in Dublin’s history.

I must be given the operation in a small hospital. The government and the opposition must represent the people that voted for them or there is no point in claiming that the UK is a democracy. The news media have put in place a news blackout for the implant.

The news media are small what makes them big is their money and their propaganda. This propaganda is what terrifies the political parties. They are prepared to risk their own people just so that the news media do not criticise them during election campaigns.

Hannagan’s workers are missinfo-ing everybody in this nation in a desperate attempt to get money and also to torture me to death. GCHQ cannot allow this to continue and neither can the politicians. I have been smeared as everything under the sun without any justification. Edward Snowdon released a smart phone application 2 years ago that kept me public the whole time proving that I could not be the smear they are framing me with. The torture must end and the operation must take place soon as possible as I am now losing all patience with this sick setup that has stunned my family.

This implant cannot be embedded into the brains of anyone in the police, army or security as it is so stupid that you cannot trust what you hear unless you see lips move because of the throw voices.

This country has to come back to normalcy as quickly as is possible and the constant stupid setups from Hannagan’s workers must end as they must know by now that they have pissed of this entire nation. This implant is not a toy it is a weapon that has to go back to the government.

The camera is thick but nightshade is so sick that I cannot be expected to become an experiment for it. I could not give a toss about the camera as no one would buy it since it is so disgusting that you cannot go to the toilet and wipe your arse without broadcasting shit to whoever is watching you via the implant.

Hannigan's Workers Shame UK by Torturing John Duffy In an Attempted Coverup

Hannigan's Workers have tortured John Duffy for so long and for so badly that he has developed a brain tumour and is now losing his eyesight. They are using Nightshade a sick Government weapon as a toy to try and torture someone who is trying to get Nightshade back to the Government that put it in him. They have used a website containing CGI videos, sick smears to try and insult and frame an innocent man.

They have insulted every part of the United Kingdom by playing pathetic games while they insideously torture a human being just for the fun of it. These indivduals must be removed by the Government from using this sick weapon which is NOT a toy. They have to stop playing GAMES and must stop torturing him in the eyes and the privates nevermind the rest of his body for NO REASON at all. This sickness must end. They are trying to rewrite the past two years of his life for reasons that are beyond normal thinking.

THIS IS NOT A TOY that can be abused in such a sickening and depraved way. They have to STOP trying to embarrass and TORTURE a human being for reasons that are beyond the normal mind of every citizen in this country. This absurdity has to END as it has gone on for too long and for too far. The Government have no option but to take immediate action and end this insult to the United Kingdom.

They are attempting to frame John Duffy with CGI videos on their website, the only things that are real on that hannigan website is the footage of him taking a bag of sugar that he got from his sister into his home which they are claiming is drugs, the footage of a ganja plant is also the only other true footage. They also have his school records up on this website and his medical records. All of these are a violation of the official secrets act. This barberous attempt to destroy a disabled person that they have tortured for so long and so badly has destroyed the UK Government. GCHQ have now got to take action to fix their reputation which has been damnned by those trainees and their illegal broadcast which has shamed this nation.

If the Government do not take IMMEDIATE action then the Police MUST take the decision to storm that building and forcibly remove these individuals and end them insulting this nation and torturing a UK citizen instead of attempting their own barbaric cover up as the police in Glasgow must be aware of the rage that this victim feels towards some of them and that the victim has the LEGAL RIGHT OF SELF DEFENCE.

Robert Hannigans Son Tries to Frame Disabled Person

Hannigans Son has tried to frame John Duffy as a peodphile and a rapist on his website with the full collaberation of Robert Hannigan senior the Director General of GCHQ while they have tortured him for 8 months all over his body including in the privates and in his brain.

They have also smeared him as being on the sex register which is not true. They have also used video footage from his room with John responding to Roberts son saying that he was on the sex register. John said 'You better not have said i'm on the sex register' and they manipulated the footage by leaving out the start of the sentance and uploading to their website manipulated footage saying 'I'm on the sex register'.

They have also done the same manipulated frame attempt with John saying 'GCHQ had better not download child porn onto my computer' after they had said that they would get GCHQ to do this.

This pathetic attempt by the trainees of GCHQ that Hannigan has hired is so courrupt and insideous that the Hannigans can never recover their reputation as security workers and GCHQ have to get rid of them. They have also smeared John Duffy with downloaded gay porn which they have then uploaded to their website along with other CGI videos in an attempt to justify not just 11 months of torture but their insane plan to torture John Duffy to death 2 weeks before christmas.

The only things that are real on that hannigan website is the footage of him taking a bag of sugar that he got from his sister into his home which they are claiming is drugs, the footage of a ganja plant is also the only other true footage. They also have his school records up on this website and his medical records. All of these are a violation of the official secrets act. This barberous attempt to destroy a disabled person that they have tortured for so long and so badly has destroryed the Hannigans. GCHQ have now got to take action to fix their reputation which has been damnned by those trainees and their illegal broadcast which has shamed this nation.

They have John's family and friends phone numbers and are using this to threaten his family and his friends to get them to smear John Duffy. They are also trying to trace Johns female pals and put them on this website and claim that they should be kidnapped. They have also put the female staff of John's local pub up on this insane website. This obsession has now gone to the absurd levels which has stunned the whole planet with a pathetic grudge from the Hannigan two against an innocent Glaswegian who has fought back against this sickness that has had him tortured and smeared for 11 month now. John has practually deconstructed Hannigans website despite not having access to it with the help of workers who are working under a protest as well as his ability to analyse what they have done on that sick website.

John Duffy Victim of Torture by The British Government for 9 months

Protest started on the 22/05/2015 because of repeated refusal of medical treatment by the NHS to remove the neuro medical implant because of orders by Police Scotland, the Glasgow NHS board and the UK and Scottish Governments.

John Duffy from 363 Curtis Ave, Glasgow, a disabled construction worker is being tortured by the medical brain implant (also known in code as nightshade) on the orders of the UK Government. The victim has been physically tortured for 5 months so far including being tortured in the privates for 4 months and was at the South Glasgow University Hospital on the 22/05/2015 to get a CT scan and an emergency medical operation to remove the implant but was refused and was then given a heart scan by the staff who were forced to work under a protest because of the management collaberatinbg with Police Scotland and the UK Government and refused him essential emergency medical treatment as the implant can torture the body because it is located in the brain and uses radio waves to affect the areas of the brain that control the different parts of the muscle and nerve systems including the heart as the staff were worried about him being tortured to death by the implant.

The victim has been forced to do a protest because the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has refused repeated attempts by the victim to negotiate to stop the torture and has said that he will not "Cave In" to the victims 3 guarantees which are 1, a private toilet, 2, all phsical torture must stop and 3, a message on the UK's military channel that he will not be tortured to death if he makes it into an operating theatre.

GCHQ DG Robert Hannigan

Nightshade Torture.

Nightshade Torture 2

Parliament Part 1

Prime Ministers Questions Part 1

The UK Parliament who have so far refused to stop John Duffy from being tortured all day long including in the privates for 9 months so far, in what is the longest and sickest torture session that a human being has been put through since the dawn of the human race.

The Director General of GCHQ is also using a website to upload videos most of all which are fake CGI to try and shame and smear an innocent man and his family for no other reason than the Director General is completely insane and a depraved pervert including his son who the DG had hired along with other workers who do not represent GCHQ to physicallay torture John Duffy.

They are also demanding that John Duffy is stripped naked in a hospital and has his privates filmed and uploaded to a website before he gets the operation as well as demanding that he strips naked in his home and shows his privates to the cameras that are public on the internet and a new smart phone app. They are also telling him that they will murder him using the implant in the hospital after filming him. This insanity which has damnned this nation to the pits of hell has to end.

The Prime Minister by refusng to replace the Director General or order GCHQ to incapacitate the computer they are using to send the radio signals to the implant that is being used to torture John Duffy is complicit in the torture of John Duffy.

This Conservative Government are turning one of the oldest democracys into a tin pot dictatorship where an innocent human being is being tortured insideuosly and publicly where other dictatorships would do it behind closed doors.

John Duffy's family are absolutely stunned that their family member is being tortured to death publicly despite not commiting any crimes apart from smoking weed. This depraved insanity must now end with the Prime Minister standing up for the laws of the UK and replace the Director General and his workers who have stunned this nation.

If the Prime Minister does not replace the Director General then the Conservative Party must place the Prime Minister onto the back benches and stop pretending that John Duffy is gulity of anything other than getting stoned in the past.

The whole of the UK know that John Duffy is not guilty of any of the sick and depraved smears that the Director General and his workers have stuypidly thrown at John Duffy since his mind was public because of Edward Snowdons smart phone application that made his mind public and was placed onto the public domain. Therby proving that he is completly innocent.

John Duffy is being tortured all over his body including in his privates, his asshole, his heart, his brain, his eyes and the rest of his muscle system using the implant to the absolute shame of that Parliament in London that once used to stand for democracy but now stands for an absolute pit of degenarate scumbags that have damned the very notion of the word Democracy and stunned the people of not just Britain but the whole planet.

The barberous act of torturing a UK citizen so badly that he is losing his eyesight and torturing his whole body has shamed the United Kingdom in front of the whole planet. This nation can never recover from this sickness unless the torture is immediaty stopped and John Duffy is given the operation to remove the implant safely where he is not murdered in the hospital theatre.

They are also using that sick website to set up John Duffy and his pals. They are trying to claim that his pals want him tortured to death but instead the words are not those of his pals but are instead the words of the workers that Hannigan has hired to smear John Duffy in an attempt to justify 9 months of torture so far as well as torturing him to death in a hospital theatre or in his public home.

On the 17/11/2015 the Director General had ordered his workers to set up John Duffy's family, his sister and his nieces, by threatening to torture John to death unless they had done what that depraved DG wanted them to do. This madness has to end with the public sacking of the DG since all the workers and managers at GCHQ are outraged at what their Director General is doing and want him sacked the same as what the rest of the people of the UK want and for the UK to become a democracy again where no UK citizen gets tortured.

Robert Hannigan's Workers Torture Disabled Person For 12 Hours

Robert Hannigans workers, who have tortured John Duffy for 9 months non stop have on the 14/11/2015 tortured him since he woke up and from 2pm untill 9pm so far, seriously and insideously with so much pain that he is now in fear for his life. These sick workers who are using Government equipment to torture the innocent disabled person John Duffy because he has an implant in his head which they are using to torture him while they threaten to torture him to death in front of his family since this is being broadcast live to the shame of the UK parliament.

They are using the implant that is embedded in the back of his head to manipulate the parts of the brain that control the muscle systems and the functions of the heart. They have been torturing him in the privates and in his eyes for almost 8 hours. This sick torture session has destroyed the UK's reputation in front of the whole world since the cowarldy polititions that represent the people of the UK have so far done nothing to help this innocent victim of the sickest Director General that GCHQ have ever had. Robert Hannigan has destroyed GCHQ's reputation as a security service and has instead turned them into a stalking service and depraved torturers of the completly innocent.

This sick and depraved torture which has lasted for 9 months must end immediatly with the sacking and replacement of this director general and the workers who are carrying out the torture.

These workers have also broadcast on this sick public torture session threats against his female nieces and friends. They have broadcast such vile threats that the whole of Britain was outraged. They said that his nieces and female friends should be raped while they tortured him in the privates.

This sickness has shamed Britain as John Duffy is completly innocent and was never a volunteer for the implant experiment. They have also used CGI videos to smear John Duffy as a rapist and a peodophile stupidily since because of Edward Snowdens smart phone app leak to the news media 2 years ago, most peope know that John Duffy is completly innocent and that those vile smears which are an attempt to cover up the sickest and most depraved torture session in the UK's 300 year history.

These vile workers who are torturing John on the orders of Robert Hannigan must be sacked and replaced along with Robert himself. If the Prime Minister David Cameron does not take immediate action to do this then the whole of Britain who are watching this torture session expect the conservative Government to immediatly remove David Cameron from 10 Downing Street and put him on the back benches by launching a leadership challenge against him.

John Duffy is being tortured in front of his family (his sister and his nieces) who are helpless as they cannot help him. The UK is being turned into a vile dictarship under this tory Government. No dictarship would ever torture a human being the way John Duffy has been Tortured especially publicly. This Government must now take immedaite action to end this illegal torture session.

These workers have threatend to torture John to death when he falls asleep in front of the whole country. These workers believe they are untouchable from the laws of Britain. This must never be allowed to happen as this will not only damn this nation but will put at risk every single citizen of the UK as if they feel they can get away with this they will believe they can do this to anyone in this nation.

No British citizen should ever be tortured especially in the privates and for so long. They have also tortured John in they eyes for such a long time that his eyesight is starting to fail. These sick and depraved workers have also threatend to gouge out his eyes and make him blind using the implant so that he never sees his family again.

This torture MUST end now with John Being allowed to go into a hosptal to get the implant removed without being tortured to death. They have also threatend to video his privates in the hosptal theatre and upload this video to a website and then murder him with the implant.

They are trying to turn John Duffy into a pariah to justify 9 months of torture with him being tortured to death in his home or in a hospital with a vile torture video being uploaded to a sick Government website.

They have smeared John with sick smears which have insulted not only him but also his family and pals. They have smeared him as having raped his nieces and two of his female pals. This vile insult to a disabled torture victim who can prove his innocence because of Edward Snowdons leak to the news media two years ago which involved a smart phone application which broadcasts his mind (everything that he currently thinks or says or hears) which people have on their phones. Over the past 2 years John has recieved help from the people in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Iceland when John was there trying to get the implant out. These people have been listening for two years before the new broadcast was released and know that John is completly innocent of GCHQ's Director General Robert Hannigan's vile smears.

How can a Director General who knew about Snowdons smart phone leak expect the people of Britain who have been listening to John the whole time via this initial application be expected to believe these vile smears.

As of 10 o'clock John is still being tortured in his privates painfully they are also using multiple radio waves to fry his brain which affects his cognative thinking and can also make him tired. The implants torture techniques involve broadcasting radio waves into the Radio Frequency reciever in the implant to manipulate the parts of the brain that control the muscle and organ parts of the human body. They also broadcast multiple radio waves into the brain to try and give him a brain tumour.

The Government can no longer coverup this vile insult to the democatic nation of Britain. They now have to take immediate action and end the shame of the UK in Britains biggest scandal by ending this public torture session for no reason other than there is an implant imbedded into the back of John Duffys brain.

'21' Torture the Eyes of A Disabled person

On the 14/06/2015, Government Communication Headquarters tortured John Duffy in the eyes for over 2 hours because the victim had finnished his summons which he was taking to court to prove that he had the implant in him. This was the day after GCHQ had tortured him psychologically for 18 hours with the implant. The resident evil that used to be a security service that protects the people of Britain has now been turned into a Pariah organistion that has become the biggest threat to everyone in the United Kingdom.

Robert Hannigan GCHQ DG

This is because GCHQ do not have the courage to allow a UK citizen to defend himself in court even without a lawyer. The cowards who are in control of the implant have shamed the true workers at GCHQ and can never be allowed to get away with damning GCHQ's reputation.

The Foreign Secretary and the British Prime Minister must now take immediate action and bring GCHQ back to what they used to be. Not a terrorist organisation that is waging a propoganda war against the people of the UK while torturing insidously an innocent disabled construction worker but a security force that protects the people of Britain or the people of Britain will know that these two polititions are completly out of touch with the desires and wishes of the people of Britain. GCHQ follow the orders of the Foreign secretary and the Prime Minister. The people of the UK and the rest of this planet now expect and demand that the torture of John Duffy must immediatly end and that John Duffy is not tortured to death by the UK Government.

The Director General of GCHQ must now order his workers to end this inhumane treatment of a British National as this is what the people of Britain are demanding. The rest of this country is working under a protest to try and save John Duffy's life and GCHQ must now join in with this protest.


Robert Hannigan Under Orders from PM Torture John Duffy in the Heart for over half an hour

John Duffy has been tortured in the heart for over half an hour so far while GCHQ threaten to torture him to death for smearing the PM with 2 words 2 years ago. There must now be a stalking horse challenge on the Prime Minister David Cameron as John Duffy has been tortured for the past 5 months including in the privates. The whole of Britain now expects the conservative Government to take immediate action to save John Duffy's life as it is unacceptable in a civilised society for a disabled person to be tortured to death. John Duffy is in severe pain and does not know how long he will live as he needs emergency medical treatment to remove the implant which the Prime Minister is denying him so he can have him tortured to death.




Hannigans Fry the Brain of Disabled Victim

GCHQ on the 03/07/2015 used the medical implant that is embedded in John Duffy's Brain to fry his brain cells while phsyically torturing him at the same time as well as psychologically torturing him. The UK Governmnt are determined to torture to death John Duffy for no reason at all. The implant has been used to phsyically torture, phsychologically torture and destroy the brain cells and lobes of the brain of the Disabled construction worker John Duffy.










DG Robert Hanigan Threatens John Duffy's Osteopath

John Duffy's Osteopath was threatened by the people that Robert Hannigan hired to speak on the broadcast via the implant in John's head and also over his computer which is broadcast on the internet and the smart phone app. Robert Hanigan told the people he had hired to threaten to rape his osteopath. This was done in an attempt to force John Duffy to go to London. They were threatening her for hours on end on a show that is public to the world thereby putting her at risk. They then fed this into John Duffy's tourettetic mind thereby repeating it on the show with John's tourettic tics. John knows he has hurt her feelings with his mental illness. Robert Hannigan must order his workers to stop threatening his osteopath on this broadcast.


DG Robert Hanigan Tortures John Duffy for Hours

John Duffy who has been tortured for 7 months under Robert Hannigans (GCHQ Director General) orders has been tortured in the privates for hours on end on the night of the 19/10/2015. This sick and insane torture session must end with the sacking of Robert Hannigan for issuing out depraved orders and the people he hired to carry out these orders. The British Government must now terminate with immediate effect Robert Hannigans contract with GCHQ. This is completely unacceptable for Robert Hannigan to torture a completly innocent UK citizen because Robert Hannigan is delusional about John Duffy being Divergent because the Director General of GCHQ watched this movie and became obsessed with John Duffy. This innocent man whose only crime is to smoke ganja has being smeared as everything under the sun by Robert Hannigan while his depraved workers have tortured John Duffy for every waking hour for 7 months.

This is Britains darkest days, 7 months worth with an innocent citizen being tortured to death because there is an implant embedded in his brain which can be used to inflict pain to any muscle system in the human body, it can also be used to race his heart.

They have also threatened to torture to death John Duffy in a hospital theatre as well as torture him to death in a house.

This sick torture session must now end as this is being broadast public to the UK with the Government refusing to do anything about it. Britain can never recover her reputation as a democratic nation until John Duffy's torture ends and John gets the operation to remove the implant.

The news media have also instigated a news blackout but this torture session is being broadcast on the internet and on a smart phone app.


All the Evidence that I have aquired about what was done to me will be uploaded within one week