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Government Neurological Implant

The neurological implant is located in the occipital lobe of the brain. This is the visual part of the brain. The implant is embedded into the cortex by surgical procedure and can broadcast what the vision part of the brain sees. This is proven by other civil researchers who are working in similar fields to the Government.

The implant can also broadcast what you hear and broadcast audio into the brains audio cortex via the implant as well as broadcast out what you are currently thinking as well as what you hear. This can also be proven by other civil research. The implant uses two transmitters contained within the implant to broadcast audio and video back out of the brain to GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters), part of the security services.

The implant also has a torture part to it. The Torture part of the implant works using inaudible low frequency sound waves to apply sonic pressure to the central nervous system in the brain. This pressure is used to manipulate the part of the cortex that controls the nerve system. By applying pressure to the different parts of the brain (the central nervous system) it inflicts varying levels of pain via the nerve system in the human body. It can also manipulate the part of the brain that controls the beating of the heart. The more sonic pressure that is applied to this part of the brain stem makes the heart beat faster. This could be used to cause a heart attack and murder the victim.

The implant has two transmitters in it, one for video and the other for audio. These can be used to send sound waves into the brain and if you use low frequency sound waves they can vibrate the brain and manipulate the muscle and heart systems of the human body. This can also overload the brain with sound waves causing severe pain and damage to the brain.



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